About me


Welcome to my blog! Here are some quick facts about my blog and me.

I like to run. I used to be in denial about loving it. And to be honest, it wasn't fun to run in the past when I've always had an ulterior motive for running, like getting Jennifer Aniston's body. I've never been able to stick with running until Summer of 2011. Sure, I've had bouts of running fever, but they never lasted more than a month.

Then, I signed up for my first race ever, a 5K. It hooked me on to racing high. Seriously, better than any other hobby that I had before. Since then, I've ran 3 half marathons and one other 5K. If I had my way, I'd have ran way more, but being a college senior sort of sucks on the money front.
Yay! Medal! Please don't judge me for the giant proof across my torso. With no income, I have no way to pay for expensive race photos. 
Even after the races, I still was in the closet about loving running. Yes, I loved crossing the finish line and getting that medal. But who doesn't?

Recently though, I realized that I do love getting out in the cold or heat and getting in my miles for the day. It's as close to flying as I'm ever going to get, if flying involved 9:00/mile pace (on a good day). 

Now, I'm training for my first ever marathon! I'm super excited and stressed out about it. But since misery loves company, I coerced my bf to sign up for it too even though he has never ran more than 6 miles in his life. 
Hopefully this is what I look like at the end of the marathon, happy. 
Join me on my adventure, one crazy runs after another. AKA, please keep me on track for training so that I don't have to get picked up by the sad wagon.

Disclaimer: My pending chemical engineering degree did not in any shape or form prepare me to give professional advice on running. I do lots of stupid stuff like increasing my mileage by more than 10% a week, etc. If you were made out of pipes, pumps, and compressors, then maybe, I can give you advice on how to run. And even then, I'd only be able to give you an entry-engineer worth of advice.

You can find me in the basement of chemical engineering building, in my bed, on the road (possibly passed out from my workout, in which case, please stop my garmin), or milehogger@gmail.com.