Thursday, August 9, 2012

I need to budget

After getting my first paycheck, I got in to this sort of a bad habit of buying everything I want (mostly everything) Also, the fact that I eat my lunch at my desk in front of a computer and the advance of internet shopping is really killing my bank account. Not to mention, there are tons of lessons that I want to take such as hip hop lessons and etc. 
There was no way I could not buy this shirt. Do you get it? (Spoiler: it's cow tipping)
Long story short, I need to seriously get my stuff together and budget so that I can start saving some money. 

Just today, I ended up buying a good bye present for Stefan, since he's leaving Baton Rouge soon to get back to school. (Best girlfriend ever!) And that was seriously going to be it until my co-worker invited me to a site with cheap running shoes. 

I feel like inviting a runner to a site with cheap outdoor gear/workout gear should be a crime, something like giving a gin and tonic to a recovering alcoholic. 

He had originally just sent me the invite because he thought I'd enjoy the selection of Brooks on the site, but then I found out that they were also selling a pair of Hoka One One's for $60 something dollars. The one shoe that I really wanted to try out but couldn't afford was on sale! Yeah, you guys can probably figure out how this story ends. And while I was there, I picked up a solid looking running bra. 
Unattractive compared to my past running shoes, but if it'll help me run better, I'll wear  clown shoes.   
I'm super excited for my purchase to come in and hopefully the new shoes will fuel my motivation to start training for real. Technically my training started last week, but I missed the first week of training due to sleepiness. (This week, I had to be at work by 6:00AM! 'Nuff said, no running got done.) 

Hopefully, now that I've gotten a pair of running shoes and enough of household things to last me a while, I can actually start saving some money and maybe even figure out the whole 401K thing. 
Hopefully this won't be me. 
A quick question: Do you guys have the Roth 401K or the before tax contribution 401K? Also, do you guys budget running into your budget? Race fees and running gear is so expensive! 

PS - If you guys want an invite to the site with the running gear, send me your e-mail! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

If I was an Olympian

Sometimes it frustrates me that I have little to no willpower. Something always comes up and I always end up using it as an excuse to not stick it through. I was on a great exercise kick for a while. If I didn't feel like actually working out, I would at least go for a zumba class and trick myself into thinking that dancing would be a fun way to spend an hour.

But after Monday's hip hop class, I just stopped getting up for a run or a gym class. Even yesterday, when I was starting my new running training plan, I let sleep and dinner plans get in the way of getting in my 3 miles.

This morning, as I was snoozing, I thought if I was an Olympian, where would I be? At the lake getting a run in, duh. So despite the late night (midnight is a crazy late night for me now), I jumped out of bed, who am I kidding, it was more of a roll, packed up my gym bag and went for a run at the lake.

On a random note, I also completely forgot to pack a bra in my gym bag, so I'm going to have to sit in my sports bra all day at work.

The view at the start of the run. 
I covered the 3 miles at a 9:50/mile pace, which was a struggle. I would like to blame the heat and humidity. And I guess the no running for a while could have had something to do with it. 

Much brighter by the end of the 3 miles. 
So begins my training for a possible half in October and/or possible half or full in December. Not the best the start, since I did miss the first day, but thanks to the Olympics I got the miles in. 

I did think if I were an Olympic gymnast (Gabby), where would I be? That made me think about stretching, but clearly seeing as I'm not an Olympic gymnast, I skimped on that part. Don't worry I'll maybe stretch later. Maybe . . . if I am watching TV. 
Apparently this is the hardest vault ever in gymnastics. I bet she stretches a lot. 
You guys try it! Think, if you were an Olympian, where would you be? I might go out to lunch with my coworkers and eat like Michael Phelps, but that's just me.