Thursday, August 9, 2012

I need to budget

After getting my first paycheck, I got in to this sort of a bad habit of buying everything I want (mostly everything) Also, the fact that I eat my lunch at my desk in front of a computer and the advance of internet shopping is really killing my bank account. Not to mention, there are tons of lessons that I want to take such as hip hop lessons and etc. 
There was no way I could not buy this shirt. Do you get it? (Spoiler: it's cow tipping)
Long story short, I need to seriously get my stuff together and budget so that I can start saving some money. 

Just today, I ended up buying a good bye present for Stefan, since he's leaving Baton Rouge soon to get back to school. (Best girlfriend ever!) And that was seriously going to be it until my co-worker invited me to a site with cheap running shoes. 

I feel like inviting a runner to a site with cheap outdoor gear/workout gear should be a crime, something like giving a gin and tonic to a recovering alcoholic. 

He had originally just sent me the invite because he thought I'd enjoy the selection of Brooks on the site, but then I found out that they were also selling a pair of Hoka One One's for $60 something dollars. The one shoe that I really wanted to try out but couldn't afford was on sale! Yeah, you guys can probably figure out how this story ends. And while I was there, I picked up a solid looking running bra. 
Unattractive compared to my past running shoes, but if it'll help me run better, I'll wear  clown shoes.   
I'm super excited for my purchase to come in and hopefully the new shoes will fuel my motivation to start training for real. Technically my training started last week, but I missed the first week of training due to sleepiness. (This week, I had to be at work by 6:00AM! 'Nuff said, no running got done.) 

Hopefully, now that I've gotten a pair of running shoes and enough of household things to last me a while, I can actually start saving some money and maybe even figure out the whole 401K thing. 
Hopefully this won't be me. 
A quick question: Do you guys have the Roth 401K or the before tax contribution 401K? Also, do you guys budget running into your budget? Race fees and running gear is so expensive! 

PS - If you guys want an invite to the site with the running gear, send me your e-mail! 


  1. I don't want an invite! I have ridiculous problems with impulse purchases in running attire. As much as I hate shopping in real life, online running gear (and race registrations) are my downfall. I do my best in budgeting, but I have no real job or real salary, so I don't get to worry for 401K and such, at least not for several months.

  2. Sure, I tell my husband, running is cheap! No gym or classes, just shoes, shorts, and shirts! Snigger ... $$$$$$$$$$$$ ;)

  3. Yeah, we have a ROTH IRA, but we also have additional retirement funds. We actually have a financial guy which helps a lot with figuring all that out.

    I love that the budget friendly idea of eating a packed lunch at your desk is ending up costing you so much money :)

  4. I have the before tax contribution 401K with a match (double) by my employer. I didn't really have a choice in what I got though and I would say just starting to save now is better than nothing!

  5. This running gear site sounds dangerous!!
    I saw you tweeted that no one makes chemical resistant steel toed boots for ladies-- Sounds like a potential money-making investment for you to cover running costs :)