Friday, June 1, 2012

I ran!

I've finally started running again!

It's disheartening to think about how much fitness I have lost, but exciting to think that I'll be building it up again. I can't wait to cover double digit miles again.
And to get a dog. It'll be nice to have a dog to come home to. 
Luckily for me, I'm currently in California so the runs are way flatter and at a lower elevation. I think Louisiana is also pretty flat, which means I'd probably do terribly in upstate New York races.

Yesterday, I covered 3 miles at 9:28/mile pace, which felt way harder than it should be. Before I stopped running, 3 miles was nothing. Oh body, how quickly you forget.

This morning, I convinced my dad to join me on a run. I had mentally planned on another 3 mile run, but we ended up running for 4.67 miles at 9:42/mile pace. To be honest, I don't think either of us were in a running shape, but being super competitive, we couldn't back out. I'm sure we'd have run longer, out of pride, if our route allowed it.
Another picture of my dog! I know it doesn't fit, but I have tons of pictures of him with no where to put it. 
It's slow going to get back into running again, but it's a start.

Other than starting to run, I've been trying to get ready for my big move to the south.

I signed up for my first ever non student, non joint, bank account. I even have a savings in case I budget well and manage to save money. (Doubtful for the first few months. There's so much to buy like furniture!) I even inquired about an auto loan at the bank. Because adults have cars and have a plan to pay for it and stuff.

I still need to decide on a car. How do people decide to buy a certain car? Do I pay more money for the car that I think I would want or stick with a fairly cheap one until I'm more settled?

I also need more work clothes including steel-toed boots.

Despite tests and homework and all that, school is definitely much easier than real life.

Happy Friday! What cars are affordable and good? Key word being affordable. And by affordable, I mean a car that's in the lowest price range. 


  1. I love our cars...We have a Chevrolet Cobalt and a Honda CR-V. Honda Civics/Accords are also nice as well as Chevrolet Cruze :)

  2. Great run! I bet it was fun with your dad :)

    I would be a really bad person for car buying advice, just make sure that if you get a used car that you get the title or see it in person that it is not branded or hasn't been totaled and restored. Ha I have made some car mistakes. Toyota and Honda are always reliable and resale-able.

  3. Great job on your run!!! Hopefully you are able to find a car and car insurance that isn't too unreasonable. Unfortunately because of your age it might be a little bit expensive at first. Just don't get any tickets!