Saturday, June 2, 2012

Test driving

Today I test drove my legs and did a "long" run . . . of 5 miles.

I had originally planned on doing 6, but that felt stressful. And I really plan on taking it easy for the next few months to build a strong base and to keep running a fun thing.

But I'm calling it a long run because it happend on a Saturday at my usual Californian long run loacation (the beach).

True story. I need to invest in some body glide. TMI? Probably. 
After not running for a full month, now with three days of running, I'm ready to call tomorrow a rest day. 

I've actually been trying something new while running. When I ran the Seneca 7 relay, I met Jamie's mom who recommended that I wrap my high arches with sports tape. She told me that it has helped her become a life-long runner with minimal injury. 

So I've actually been trying it out. 
That's the way I've been doing it. I tried to do it in the way that she showed me. 
So far, it's hard to tell if it's better or not. I think I need more time with trying it. It does feel better when I'm walking barefoot inside the house, but with my shoes' arch supports, I'm not sure how it feels. Since it's not hurting anything, I'll try it until my roll of tape runs out. Anyone else try this? 

I also test drove a car for the first time in my life. 

After looking through everyone's suggestions and my parents suggestions, I liked the look of a Wrangler and Hyundai's Elantra the best. 

I was actually able to test drive the Elantra. The only car I've ever driven was my mom's Jeep so the quiet and short Elantra felt really odd. It was also weird to have brakes that work super quickly. 

Now all I have to worry about is haggling. How does one bring the price down of anything? 

Tomorrow, it's on to driving practice on a freeway. I wish I learned to drive like normal people during high school and college.

Hope everyone got their planned workout in during the weekend! 
Dante says hi!


  1. Dante is so cute!!

    I hope that taping your feet helps you, I would say as long as it doesn't hurt keep doing it. It might take some time to notice a difference.

  2. You'll have your base back before you know it!
    Oh, I hate buying a new car. Salesmen freak me out - especially going on test drives with them!