Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avoiding Hills

I got awesome runs in during the weekend, when I was visiting Rochester. I got to run by quaint houses for a mile until I got to the Erie Canal trail where miles of road stretched out before me next to the canal. Best part about it was that the whole course was flat. The only eventful thing happened during the canal run, when a deer decided to play chicken with me. It started running towards me from afar. I just kept on running because I was too tired to move off the road. Luckily, the deer chickened out first and ran into the trees at the last minute.

Unfortunately, weekend ended and I had to face the hilly roads of my home. For some reason, I still have a mental block against running outside here. For a few days, I actually haven't run outside on my usual trails at home. I just can't bring myself to run up the hills. The sad part is that they aren't even that bad. There's one big hill and the rest are gradual inclines. Tomorrow is the tempo run, so I definitely won't be running on the trail. I don't think I can keep my tempo pace when there isn't a treadmill to stop me from running slower.

Even though my plan for the next four weeks is to increase my speed, it hasn't been working well so far. Any pace faster than 8 min 30 sec seems unbearably fast on the treadmill. Hopefully, I can pick up a faster speed on the roads.

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 5.4 miles along the canal at a 8:58min/mile

Sunday: 3 miles recovery long 9:01min/mile also along the canal to burn off the funnel cake from night before

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 3.5 miles 8:43min/mile

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  1. Oh man, the Erie canal? That sounds gorgeous! I wish Cornell was flat.