Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Goal

I've always wanted to do a race, but always the lack of time and lack of funds, have thwarted me in my attempt to see what I can do. Well, this time, I am definitely signing up for a race. I thought I might want to do a half marathon, but I've decided that I want to work on my speed. I've never been so slow that I'd get passed by all the other runners, but I've never been fast. My comfortable pace has remained in 8 min 45 sec mile for my entire running career. This summer, I am going to sign myself up for the eight ugly men 5k and run it at a faster pace.

One thing I'm worried about is the degree of heat. I've never been a running in heat kind of person. During the summers, I painstakingly get up at 6AM to complete my run for the day. If I happen to sleep in, I might walk to the gym and run on the treadmill. I've tried to run on Tuesday after work and ended up throwing up everything that night. I guess I'll just take it slow. Maybe I'll get fast enough that I'll outrun the heat? Well, a girl can wish.

Because I run in the mornings, I usually end up running on an empty stomach which gives me less energy. So in anticipation, I always get a bundle of bananas forgetting that I dislike bananas. I always manage to convince myself that I'd eat it when I'm at the market. So undoubtedly I always end up having to consume inhumane amounts of bananas in one day or this time, I've left it so long that only thing it was fit for was banana chocolate chip cookies. More reason to eat more and keep on gaining weight.

This was only the beginning. I now have upwards of 45 cookies to consume. At least they are more sugary and keep better than banana in its fruit form.

On a side note: The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get off your Butt and on with Your Training by Dawn Dais. She made me want to train for a marathon. She also didn't lose any weight from this running endeavor but at least she didn't gain any. This is the perfect book for when you are alone. I say alone because I made the mistake of reading it during work while waiting for some things to get done. You'd definitely look ridiculous sitting by yourself giggling.

On to boring part,
Tuesday: 1 mile in 0.2 increments 7:15min/mile (The run that made me sick) Actually instead of the heat, it might have been the whole bag of hot cheetos that I consumed before the run, but that's beside the point.

Wednesday: 3 miles in 8:42min/mile on the treadmill

Thursday: total 3 miles but ran four 200m repeats.

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