Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First World Frustrations

Just when I thought I was done with running and was ready to put away my running shoes, a bout of first world problems brought me back to it.

After last night's declaration of doing things other than running, I spent all day at work thinking about the nap that I'd take when I got home. Unfortunately, my girl coworkers started talking about their desire to lose weight. (FYI, they really had no more weight to lose. Especially since one of them wears a size 00. There are no sizes smaller than a 00?) Thinking about napping, while other girls are mapping out their weight loss goals and fitness achievements made me feel like an elephant. So unfortunately, I had to scrap my plans of being horizontal with Friends playing in the background.
This cat was what I looked like during the weight loss conversation. 
Fortunately, there was a body pump class at the gym at a convenient time. It would have been a perfect way to get into weight training, since it's guided and has good music. I actually managed to psych myself up for a workout when I noticed that the iphone that I had been waiting for was sent back to the UPS store, because I wasn't home to sign for it. (I finally bought an iphone, because I was up for an upgrade and I was tired of being the only one among peers without a smart phone.)

On the way home from work, I decided that I would go pick up the phone from the UPS store. I had already convinced a coworker to go with me, since I have this weird phobia about crossing over the Mississippi River. Once when I first started driving, I accidentally got on the wrong highway and crossed the Mississippi River. Of course that was when my car GPS decided to freak out. Long story short, I had little experience with driving and little knowledge of surrounding area and lost on the other side of the river. From then on, I've stayed on my side of the river.

When I got home, I noticed that I didn't get a little UPS slip thing, so I called UPS and was told that the driver will try to deliver it again at night. Meerrr. So I waited till 7:30PM to no avail, not even being able to take a nap, because I don't have a doorbell.
I love the first world problems meme.
After all this, I was going to cry if I didn't at least do something productive and get a workout in. So I hopped on down to the apartment gym (it's not very impressive) and got on the treadmill for a surprising 6 mile run at 9:18/mile pace.
Boom. The longest run I've done since I've moved to Baton Rouge. 
The good news is that I have nothing super serious to worry about that I can waste my time getting annoyed at lack of iphone delivery. All in all, I have a good life and legs that haven't completely forgotten how to run. I'm going to chalk up today as an awesome day with an awesome run.
On a random note, I feel like this bumper sticker is one that all runners should get especially if you drive to run. 
Thanks for all your advice last post. I plan on incorporating more non-running workouts and stop stressing out about getting a run in. Yay it's hump day! 


  1. Hey, Nice workout, despite all the mishaps. Looks like the UPS issue gave you fuel for a great run!

  2. Well, at least you worked out. Twice! :-) By the way, did the iphone get delivered after all?

  3. Now I might be the last person left without a smart phone :) One day, one day!

  4. Great job on the run!

    We still don't have smartphones but we are probably going to go after the marathon to get some.