Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shortcuts never work out

Today, I thought I was going to go run. But the combined effect of 90 something degrees weather with 1000% humidity and receiving of my new phone thwarted my plans. Sadly, the excitement of my new phone trumped the excitement of a good workout. On the bright side, now I can keep up with twitter.

But once I set the phone up, I realized that I wanted to celebrate my happiness with a workout, like a good blogger.
Happiness summed up in one picture. 
I ended up heading to my gym to try out their new Cardio Burn class. I figured a 45 minute class would be a fun way to get some sweat in. I should have known. Trying to take shortcuts (especially when it comes to workouts) never end up well.

The class was horrible in a super good way. You know you're getting a good workout in, when you start thinking longingly of running in 90 something degree weather. From the warm up, I knew I was in trouble. I would probably equal the workout to P90X Pyrometrics.

After a million squats and other killer moves later, I am convinced that I need to make this class a regular thing on Wednesdays.

I was so happy with the workout that I texted all the friends that I have down in Baton Rouge (like two) for some froyo. Yeah, I just celebrated working out by eating a huge tub of frozen yogurt. But apparently, I made some wrong friends. What kind of a person doesn't want to go to froyo all the time?
This is how I felt on the drive to the froyo place. 
This is why I need more running friends. If he/she blogs? Even better. I have yet to meet a running blogger who doesn't love froyo.

Luckily, I live half a mile from Yogurtland.
I just had froyo by myself and took a photo of myself. Best part about living alone, no one's here to judge. 
Tell me the truth. How do you feel about froyo? If you say you hate it, I don't know if we can be friends anymore. JK. I hope your day is filled with awesome workouts and desserts!


  1. You're on twitter? I need to know your handle (mine is @kara975)

    If I lived that close to a Yogurtland, I'd be there daily. DAILY.

  2. Yum! We don't really have many froyo places near us, but if we did I would be there all the time too!