Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to combat idiocy

Do you ever do something stupid? And while you're doing it, you know that you're being stupid but you keep on doing it anyways?
Did I tell you that the Starbucks barista already knows my morning order? 
Well, that is the place in life that I am at right now. I know that I shouldn't increase mileage drastically. And seeing as how for weeks, my weekly mileage total has been in the single digits, I should be starting off slowly and maybe go for 2 miles each run. If I followed the running rule, I'd be running pretty much 0. Because 10% of nothing is nothing.

So in an attempt to counteract some of my idiocy, I've been super good about stretching and foam rolling after runs. I also showed up to work like this.
Boom! Compression socks. 
Side note: Best part about my engineering job, I can wear my retired Brooks to work.

I was actually thinking about maybe doing some cross training today to celebrate yesterday's awesome 5.25 miler.

But at work, I was approached by two of my coworkers who wanted to go run with me at the lakes. And since I was in no position to refuse any running opportunities or friends, I gladly accepted.
You mean you'll be my friend and run four miles?
Also, running with friends made me let go of my anal-ness. Usually, whenever I stop for any reason during a run, I stop my watch and don't move from the place as to not mix up my walking mileage with running mileage, but then I had to let that crazy shit go. I just cried inside silently and decided to call it a fartlek.

My guy coworker actually pushed my pace during the times we ran. And then we'd walk to let my girl coworker catch up.
Since there were no set intervals or speed goals, I'm just going to call this run a fartlek.
All in all, it was fun. I wish it was more running and less walking, but I guess you can't really be insane if you run with others. On the bright side, I didn't have to navigate through afternoon LSU traffic, so it was a win.

Afterward, all my coworkers, not just the ones who ran, and I went to a bar for some good boozing. I did not partake in the debauchery, because well 1. I don't like beer and 2. I'm trying to make up for my idiocy by doing healthy things. 

Do you guys follow the 10% rule? Is it bad that I'm blatantly ignoring it?


  1. I think the 10% rule is a little conservative and can be at least bent if you are somewhat of an experienced runner. It's not as if you are starting running. Plus, you did run/walk intervals (mile repeats? fartleks? HIIT? :-)) So, unless you have a history of injuries that I don't know of, I think you will be fine. Just don't go for a 12 miler this weekend, ok? ;-)

    What shoes are those on the photo?

  2. Ah, you're young. That rule is for old broken people :)

  3. I try to follow that rule, especially since our training plans usually increase by 10% but sometimes we don't. There are some weeks we cut back for whatever reason and then continued on. I think you will be alright, just don't run a 40 mile week anytime soon!