Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to the grind

One thing that's making the transition from LA to New York easier is that the weather's actually nice here. And if I was running (I am totally hanging my head from guilt), I would totally be able to run in shorts. The thing about it is that now I know that I'll be running slower and it'll hurt more. So I keep on putting it off. I know, I know. This is not the kind of things you want to read about in a healthy living/running blog.

I'm hoping that being back in Ithaca and in working mode will bring the running routine back in my life. Seeing as how my next half marathon is next weekend, the little break from running will end, forcibly. On the other hand, I've been stretching out my legs as much as possible and they've been feeling less tight.
If I stretch a lot more, maybe I'll finally be able to do the splits. 
With less sore legs and the fact that I've just been reminded that I'm the new size 14 by the ever so helpful Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada, I should have no excuses to not run tomorrow.
I know, Nigel. I'm working on it. 
Now, I have a sort of a weird thing to share with you guys. I feel that part of having a healthy body/lifestyle also pertains to having healthy hair. Right? So this tangent that I'm about to go on is totally relevant to the blog.

I've always heard that shampooing everyday is bad, it strips hair of natural oil, blah blah. That's actually all I'd hear of the no shampoo everyday argument. I'd always just sort of tune it out. It just seemed weird to take a shower without shampooing my hair. It would feel like running without running shoes (bad analogy since it's totally acceptable, maybe even encouraged, to run barefoot nowadays).

Recently, I've been noticing more split ends and unhealthy hair things going on.
Look at that bushiness. I bet he might have some split ends. . . if lions get split ends. 
I began to wonder about the whole no shampooing thing. I could be more diligent about trimming my hair every two months or whatever the required time, but that's just craziness. The salon money is way better spent on races and cute running clothes, clearly.

So for now (please don't judge), I've decided to try shampooing and conditioning every other day. I should start slowly, right? Last night, I just rinsed my hair while showering. It felt weird, but the hair does not seem too bad today. At least not that I can tell.

Now please be honest. Do you shampoo and condition everyday? Were the beauty blogs on the internet lying to me about the acceptableness of not shampooing everyday? How do you keep your hair healthy along with your body? 


  1. i'm pretty hard on my hair (shampoo, condition, blowdry, round brush, flatiron every day, colour every 6 weeks) and luckily my hair is pretty healthy considering how terrible i treat it! i think what's helped it stay healthy is i actually do get it trimmed every six weeks (it's not as long as yours - it's a long bob)and i use a really good conditioner every day. and i totally think its fine to not shampoo every day - if it works then i think it's totally cool! in fact i'm jealous of those people who can go more than a few days without washing their hair gets so greasy looking and limp after just one day! i actually think i'm in the minority, most people i know are shocked when i DO tell them i shampoo every day!

  2. Be at peace - I've always been an every other day shampooer! But I tend to have dry skin and live in Colorado so my hair doesn't tend to get oily.

  3. I try to shampoo every other day and condition every day. I feel gross not shampooing when I'm drenched with sweat, so sometimes I'll use a tiny bit on the off days. My hair isn't model perfect, so maybe I'm not the person to hand out advice. :)

  4. I shampoo and condition every day. With training multiple times a day, I find that I have to, or else it gets pretty oily and gross looking.
    I do know a lot of women who wash their hair every other day, and it seems to work for them.

  5. I don't always shampoo and condition everyday, but most of the time. If I don't wash my hair I just try to avoid getting it wet when I take a shower (and this is mostly because I want to sleep a little more so I can save time).

    I can't wait until the half this weekend!

  6. I don't shampoo every day. It's too hard on my hair. I usually go every other day and it's funny because usually my hair looks its best on the second day. :) On the days I skip, I put it in a bun when I shower and don't get it wet. That seems to work well for me. :)