Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I would like to accomplish

Writing yesterday's post made me realize how close graduation and my marathon are approaching. Before they get here in two months ish, I'd like to get a few things accomplished.

  • Leave the freshman 15 in college -  I have definitely gained the freshman 15 and have held on to it for dear life. Yeah, it definitely has to go. Not to mention, getting leaner will help me with my running. 
  • Start dressing for success - I'm usually a throw on any clean shirt and some jeans kind of a girl despite the fact that I like fashion (my google reader has at least 10 fashion blogs). I just can never be bold enough to wear daring things. Umm, daring for me is anything other than jeans and a shirt. I actually started on that today by purchasing a sailor inspired dress. Horizontal stripes may not be the most flattering thing on me, but I liked the bright orange color. 
  • Run more - I like to run, but it doesn't always make my priority list. However, with the first bullet and the whole marathon in two months thing, I kind of need to get on this. Unfortunately, my butt muscle (I'm sure there's a better word for it) has been super tight. I first thought it was my IT band, but now I'm starting to think that it's just the butt muscle. When I bend down to touch my toes, my butt area feels very tight. 
That's what I want to do in the next two months in a nutshell. 

On a non goal making front, today was a perfect day to relax at the beach. 
I could have tried to be sexy like the girls sunbathing just outside of the frame of the picture, but running clothes were way more comfortable. 
My plans of lounging at the beach was ruined when the bf found a way to take perfect jump shots with the ipod touch. We then spent an hour jumping and taking photos of ourselves. I seriously have about 50 jumping shots. 

Oh, and I have finally crossed over to the dark side of running with music. I bought myself an arm band, tuned into my "booty" playlist (exactly what it sounds like, a playlist full of booty songs), and ran slow 4 miles by the ocean.
It was easy to speed ahead listening to songs like "Salt Shaker" AKA one of the best songs ever!  
The original plan was to go for 8, but my butt muscle was so sore that going faster or for more miles wasn't a good idea for me. I kept the pace just under 10:00/mile and that was uncomfortable in the booty area. I don't think it's anything serious. I just need to be vigilant about stretching and listen to more "Breath, Stretch, and Shake"from the playlist. 

Sadly, I'll be spending the whole day at the airport tomorrow on my way back to upstate New York. My plan is to try to stretch as much as possible to get this tightness out. And make more playlists for running. Of course with "Saltshaker." 

Good night! I'm off to stretch some more. And here's a fun pic with odd quotation marks. 

I'm not sure what they mean by "lessons." They also have a sign on the other side of the store that says surfboard skate board "rentals." Is this a secrete code for crack? Anyways, this store always makes me laugh. 


  1. I hope you accomplish all of the goals! In case it makes you feel better, I share all of them too. I would also like to dress more professionally after graduation too. But the jeans stay! Half the fun of being an engineer is that I never have to wear these horrible business outfits.

    1. Not in reply to Melie...:) Blogger is bugging out!

      Perhaps the "tight" butt muscle has something to do with this "We then spent an hour jumping and taking photos of ourselves. I seriously have about 50 jumping shots. "
      Hope that it's just some DOMS! If not, please get better soon.

    2. In reply to Melie: I would not give up jeans either. But I don't want to wear those company polo shirts that everyone wears to career fairs.

      In reply to Raina: Haha. Perhaps the jumping photos are to blame. I have not been kind to my butt.

  2. Do you have a foam roller? That's the best for a sore glute :)

    That jumping picture is awesome!

    1. I do have one. I need to make more time for it though.

  3. I think you can accomplish your goals, Rena! You've got this :)

    I hope your glutes feel better!