Monday, March 12, 2012

When not running becomes easier

So before I left, I was very "I love running blah blah. I'm going to go on double runs, etc etc."

Then, I came back from my trip, and I was very much stress out over everything busy thinking about how there's no time to run. Which is as all of you know, not true at all. There's always time to run.

Backing up to before I left, I did not mean to take such a long hiatus from running. I even borrowed a bigger carry on from a friend so that i can pack my running clothes and shoes in addition to classy clothes and shoes.

However, due to delays and such, I spent nine hours in transit/airport for about a 2 hour flight. Thankfully, I had a good amount of money to spend on food from the company, and I was also traveling with two guys from my school who were also interviewing for the same position. Nothing like spending long amounts of time in the airport for a bonding experience.

Thanks to the plane delays, I arrived at the hotel at 10:30PM, about 5 hours later than planned.
I don't know how I was smiling. I was definitely not in the mood to smile. 
It was an exhausting day and the only cool thing was that my friend and I got room service and watched Family Guy while gulping down our food. 

The next day, I had a 5:50AM wake up call, which did not agree with my 1:30AM bed time. 

After the interviews, (which could have gone so so  much better) I was deposited right back at the airport. 

Then despite a raging party in the apt, I "studied"(glanced over) material for Saturday's makeup test. Now, I'm still making up for the work that I've missed and not running. 

And paying for stale airport food.
Chocolate covered almonds and creme brulee muffin for dinner! 
The creme brulee muffin, not as good as it sounds. Disappointing. Good idea executed poorly.

One awesome running related part of the weekend was that my friend (the super fast Bostoner) answered my e-mail and signed off as Coach B! How awesome is that? He's now shooting for a 2:37 marathon. Crazy. He can pace me to my fastest mile while running the marathon.

I am currently very behind in blog reading, but I will get on top of that. Meanwhile, please share some of your running passion with me so that I can get motivated and my running shoes can get some action! 

P.S. - Thanks for all your helpful comments about injury prevention and treatment! They are very helpful, and I promise I'll try to cross train more! And now I'm just writing everything in a very excited voice! 


  1. I think it's fine to "fall off the wagon" a little with running. It will be waiting for you when are less busy :)

  2. Yes, I agree with Kara. Sometimes a beak is just what you need to get motivated and to fall in love with running (when you aren't as stressed!)

  3. break OVER! Get out there and run. Run a mile or two for whatever pace you like. :) Seriously, you will be fine, :)

    Airline food stinks. I was very disappointed when they made me dump out my cottage cheese at the security gates. Boo.

  4. Breaks are fine every once in awhile, just get back to it again! It will come right back to you :)

  5. i always say, life is always getting in the way of my running, darnit! sounds like you've had a busy time, keeping fingees crossed for your interview!

  6. All that time in the airport sounds horrible! I honestly hate dealing with delays and such. Hope you can get back into a groove for running - I used to go workout right after my classes ended and that helped me to not go back to my apt afterward and get off task by watching tv!