Thursday, March 29, 2012

I didn't run today!

Usually that statement should not be said so enthusiastically. (Exclamation point is written enthusiasm.)

Backing up a bit, I went for a run yesterday. . . sort of. I had planned on getting in four easy miles to shake out my legs from my long run on Monday.

I ran a mile, feeling terrible the entire way despite the numbers on my Garmin climbing higher. After a mile of uncomfortable 11:00/mile ish paced running, I stopped to walk. I figured I'd just walk a mile then ran the last mile back home.

I thought about just going home, but the weather and the scenery was gorgeous. Besides, I thought it might be good to walk a bit and stretch.
Look how pretty! I actually did not bring picture taking devices to the run, thinking I was going to run the whole way. I was very wrong. 
And I did stretch. . . a lot. After the mile of walking/stretching, I felt better enough to try running for another 0.6 miles very slowly. Then, I walked the rest of the way home. 

Good news: I got all the soreness out of my legs from the long run. 

Bad news: I developed a killer hip pain. Every time I put pressure on it, it would hurt . . . a lot. 

Good news: I foam rolled and stretched the heck out of my legs. I even iced. 
Side note - my body thought that laying down mermaid style to ice my legs was nap time. I took an unplanned nap with the ice on my hip. I think the problem was that I wrapped the ice pack too well. It was nice and cool, not cold and recovery inducing. 
True Story
Bad news: All of yesterday, it hurt to walk, enough though the rest of my legs felt awesome. 

Today, the pain was gone. I'd like to thank my awesome foam roller for its performance yesterday. I was very tempted to go running, but I didn't. 

That's the long story of why I'm enthused about the fact that I didn't run today. I spent all of yesterday night and today being jealous of Twitter friends' running adventures. 

TGIF! The question of the day is, how do you ice? Do you put the super cold ice pack on your skin? Or do you wrap it up in thin paper towel? Because clearly, I am doing it wrong. 
I've got my runner problems, but they seem so insignificant compared to T-Rex problems. 


  1. I put my ice in a towel. It's actually pretty easy to give yourself frostbite, so be careful with that :)

  2. Don't get frostbite Rena! I usually just make sure I am wearing socks or some clothing on whatever area I am icing. I try not to put it on bare skin very often!

    I LOVE the last photo, very funny!

  3. I wax and wane on icing - lately I've been no icing but I think that's just because I'm still in a winter mindset. I probably will do more as it gets warmer.

  4. I love those two cartoons!!! Hope your hip is feeling better tonight after the race. Great job today!! :)