Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skunk Cabbage Recap

Hi! I'm still alive. I just didn't post anything, because well I didn't run since the Skunk Cabbage, and I was busy getting my video together for Nuun's Hood to Coast Relay Team! That's right, I decided to send in my application for HTC, and actually managed to shoot and edit a video for it.

But yeah, so here's my very late race recap for the Skunk Cabbage in a nutshell.

The Awesome:

I met two bloggers, Jenny and Jamie, and their husbands P and Mike, respectively. (This was actually my third time meeting Jamie). They were everything that I expected from reading their blog and more. The meet up was fun!
Because it didn't happen unless there's a picture to prove it. Courtesy of Jamie. 

I felt great during the entire run except for my hip pain came back again. But other than the fact that my whole left side of my body was going to hell, I felt fantastic. Surprisingly, not having a Garmin made the run go by so much faster.

The Bad:

After mile 1, my hip started hurting. I seriously considered dropping out, but I just lowered my speed and kept on going. (Probably a bad idea). The whole time, I was thinking about how good compression shorts would feel on my hip. At one point, I really wanted to punch a fellow runner out so that I could steal her shorts. I know, I am a terrible person when I'm not feeling well. But let's just focus on how I didn't do that and just ran in my own pants. 

The result:
I finished in 2:04:13, which was a lot better than I expected. 
Stefan (bf) finished his first ever half in 2:24:55, and didn't walk once. 
Everyone else, Jamie, Mike, and Jenny PR'd! I'm not sure about P. I think he usually runs faster. 

Even though my marathon is rapidly approaching, I decided to take a complete break this week from running. I figured better under-trained than majorly injured. The only form of exercise I got was running to class.

Sorry for this somewhat of a boring post. I just didn't feel right writing no recap at all. So here's a short one, and tomorrow it's back to regular posting! I hope you guys's week have been great! Now I'm off to catch up on blog reading! Oh and feel free to tell me what you think about my application video!

Here's more T-Rex Problem.
My marathon training is derailed, but at least I can hug other dinosaurs or humans. 


  1. Great job on your half - good luck with the hip problem. The right time for marathon will come!

  2. You did great, considering you had hip problems!

    I LOVE your Hood to Coast application video! I think you have a really good chance. I love that you made the boys participate too :)

    1. Aww thanks Jamie! The guys were surprisingly up for helping out, which was nice of them.

  3. OMG!!! Your video is AWESOME! There's no way they can't pick you!! Oh and I love your T-rex animations, and the sleeping one from your last post! And finally this is Mike in-case you were wondering!

    1. Haha. Thanks Mike! The video was very fun to make!

  4. excited to cheer you on for hte marathon! and i hear you on not posting, i've been so sporadic lately, gah! just finally catching up on weeks worth of blog reading too!!

  5. Question: which compression shorts do you use? And do you get too hot in them??

    1. Oh, I actually don't own any, hence I wanted to steal them from someone. Sorry I'm not more of a help.

    2. I can help a little bit, I have both the Aspaeris pivot shorts and Under Armour compression shorts. I love them both! I've run in both of them and I don't get that hot. The pivot shorts are definitely better for recovery than the Under Armour ones though.

  6. Ooh...catching up here. A week off due to hip pain? That's not good. Hope it is all better now!
    I bet your meet-up was fun. Your writing voice makes you seem like a fun person to be around drinking a venti coffee (or running).
    I am going to have to go see your video now :)