Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Growing up sucks

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I keep on periodically disappearing. It's hard to make blogging a priority with all the end of the year shenanigans. With everything that's been happening the past week, I've officially decided that growing up sucks.

During the week, I've been forced to wear high heels and make up. Gone are the days when all I wanted to do was parade around in heels and mom's make up. Due to presentations and such, I had to forgo my usual go to shoes (retired running shoes) and wear uncomfortable shoes.

Also gone are the days when I could run long miles with no prep, not stretch afterwards, and still be fine. I'm still struggling with my left side waging a war against the rest of my body. I'm fine for about 4 to 5 miles, but after that, I could really feel the hip. Marathon training, good bye for now! (I'm still hoping for a miracle and that I can manage to run/walk/crawl to the finish line on the 20th.)
At least I don't have to crawl the entire thing!
Did I tell you that now I seem to require a healthy diet to function better? Shocker! I once ran a 5K after just having eaten a greasy, delicious grilled cheese sandwich. It didn't feel awesome, but it was mildly uncomfortable. Now, few greasy chips, (okay, half a jumbo bag of chips) and I have to bolt for the nearest building on campus. Running on campus can be quite convenient on weekdays.

I really dislike being all responsible and putting a limit on my spending. I've imposed a self ban on all unnecessary spendings (i.e. - compression socks, races, laptop that can play videos without dying, etc) until I get a job. I need the motivation to kick this job search thing into high gear.

Despite all this, I guess to be completely honest, growing up isn't all THAT bad. Life is not all gloom and doom now that college is over. . . Right?
This tree makes me want to pretend that it's Grandma Willow and sing "Colors of the Wind."
Thankfully, design project is almost done. We've finalized the reactions, reactor materials, costs, etc. We've even done a safety analysis and are reasonably sure that nothing will blow up and that our plant personnel will be in as much danger  in the refinery as they would be driving to work. None of the chemicals in our process is particularly toxic, except for benzene. That thing will definitely give you cancer.

Now that I'm all adult like and stuff, I can drink as much coffee as I want. Growing up, coffee in my family was an "adult" drink. Now, I can go crazy. Did I mention that I have a Starbucks gold card? I'm probably never going to be the gold member of a credit card or a bank, but gold membership at Starbucks is pretty sweet. (Seriously, best thing ever. Go try their french vanilla latte, right now. It's half pump vanilla and half pump hazelnut, AKA heaven on earth).
My best friend. J.K. My best inanimate friend.

In conclusion, french vanilla latte>responsibility. And I guess I should go foam rolling now, since I'm no longer injury free. I'm just going to go to Starbucks first. :P

Oh and notice how I bolded all the important information in the post. If you're short on time, just read the bolds. "Growing up sucks, miracle, THAT bad, nothing will blow up, gold membership at Starbucks." 


  1. You crack me up Rena!
    I could use a gold card too!!!

    OK, sorry about your hip still hurting you. Please keep foam rolling. And watch out for the Benzene.

  2. I'm sorry your hip is still bothering you! Good thing you have shorter distances for the Seneca 7!

    That Starbucks drink sounds good, now I want one.

  3. Wait! I was supposed to be doing my presentations wearing "formal" clothes and heels? I must have missed that memo. Along with my entire department ;-) I only run at and around campus on weekdays. It's just safer and more convenient. Plus, thanks to the conveniently placed starbucks, I can always finish my runs with iced americano with a little bit soy milk. I hope your hip feels better!

  4. No, you're right. Growing up sucks. I'd go back to the student lifestyle in a second.

    I mean, you'll love real life. :)

  5. LOL, hang in there!! Transition stinks but growing up is pretty nifty (gold cards and all)!