Monday, April 9, 2012

Running is awesome!

I always knew that running was awesome (Okay, to be honest the only reason that I kept at running was because I can't swim and I hate cycling). But once I got started with the whole running consistently few times a week, I grew to love it. 

Unfortunately, despite the fact that I'm in "marathon training," (in quotes because what I'm doing now isn't really marathon training, it won't even amount to 5K training), there has been very little running going on for the past month. Some of it my fault, and some of it not. Err, I guess if you count injuries as not my fault. But let's not play the blame game here especially since I'm pretty sure I'd lose. 

Even though, when I run, I'm all, "I'm going to run ultra marathons and be awesome at life because running's awesome," once I stop, it takes about two days for me to forget the awesome endorphin high, no rehab necessary. 
How could I have ever thought that running could be more fun than a nap?
Recently, I had forgotten entirely why I even started running in the first place, and definitely couldn't understand why I thought running 26.2 miles consecutively was a good idea. It was nice to sit around, eat Easter chocolates, and take naps to prepare for late nights of school work. 

I don't think I would have laced up my Asics at all for the rest of the semester except for the Seneca 7 relay. (Don't worry Jamie, I didn't forget!) Until I realized that during this past week, almost every night, I'd get stressed and crazy. The venti coffees at 9PM clearly couldn't be the cause. 
That's me. That's what I look like, except less cuter and fuzzier. 
Normally, my crazy is maintainable although if you ask my bf, Stefan, he'd disagree. But this was like off the walls freaking out. After many hysterical nights, I thought maybe this not running thing's contributing to this excess freak out energy.

So today, I stepped out for some easy two miler to easy back into things and to test out my hip. AND IT FELT AWESOME! Once I got over the restricting myself to run for only two miles thing, it was great! I felt normal again. And that was enough endorphin and energy usage to prevent myself from crossing over to the stressed and unproductive. 

Today's lesson: A run a day keeps the therapist away. 
Or this works too. I guess. But a run is so much better. 
Do your runs affect your moods/outlook on life? 


  1. I think that runs were the only think that kept me (semi) sane last week and both my office mates alive. Seriously, have you ever heard of me running every single week day ever before? But somehow things look better after a run, or at least I am too tired to be violent :-)

  2. I'm glad that you didn't forget, not that I thought you would ;)

    I definitely think that running affects moods, I was just telling Mike that we aren't that stressed since we workout so much!

  3. No running makes me crazy! I need running to not be a raving bitch. :)

  4. Running totally affects my mood. If I don' run, I'm cranky, anxious, and just-not-fun. Running is my med!