Friday, July 13, 2012

Happiest day of the Workweek

I love pay days. It's so nice seeing your balance jump from almost nothing to something more overnight. 

I had so many grand plans for my new found money when I was in school, but now that I'm actually trying to make it in the real world, there's so many mandatory things to spend money on like insurance, rent, utilities, and etc.

Now, I'm supposed to choose how much contribution to make to my 401K. It's so hard to start to think about retirement when I've just started working. And I could put that money toward something that I want more. Ahem, movie tickets to Magic Mike. 
Who wouldn't want to go watch this? 
One major dilemma that I'm facing (and this is such a first world problem) is to TV or not to TV. I had originally planned on no TV. Who needs TV when there's things like running and netflix on the computer? But after weeks of my coworkers talk about how awesome their new 50 inches were, I am starting to think that I'm missing out. What's your stance on a TV? Necessary or not?
Speaking of Channing, I love this picture. This is why I haven't watched the the Vow. I probably can't relate to a character who doesn't think like the above picture. 

On the non lazy front AKA non TV front, I've actually been trying to work out more. I went running Wednesday night (3 miles at 10:18/mile pace) at this awesome running path at University Lake. I looked so hard for an apartment near it when I first moved, but I gave up. It's right next to the school, so all the apartments are crappy college apartments. 

The path was nice except for the duck poop smell at occasional points. 

I would love to drive there everyday to run, but what I had loved most about running back when I ran consistently was that I could just step outside and do it. So today morning before work, I ventured out for a 3 miler (9:49/mile) around the apartment. The run itself was good, but I ended up just rounding an outdoor shopping center over and over again. 

I think I would definitely drive to the lake even on week days if I could leave straight to work from there and change/maybe shower? at work. I would even buy a gym membership if that said gym was on the way from the lake to work, but that doesn't look like it'll work out. 

Good thing it's the weekend and the only thing preventing me from running at the lake is my laziness. Have a happy Friday! 


  1. I would say a TV is necessary, but I really love watching TV haha.

  2. this path looks so nice! Most times I just run around school or from my home to school or downtown. As you know, USC area is hardly picturesque, so I am really jealous of your proximity to such beautiful routes! If you can find a gym to shower before going to work, I think it would work great :-) I don't have a TV and I don't think I ever will. I just can't justify the money. I could register for RnR New Orleans with just a month's TV fee!

  3. i'm a bit of a tv whore (love sports) so have to have tv...we one in the living room, workout room and bedroom. god, taht sounds horrible just reading that...haha!

  4. I'm glad you found a great path to run on!

    For us tv is necessary but we could scale back if we had to, but we've cut other things out before tv in the past. It's definitely up to you!