Wednesday, July 11, 2012

News Flash

Well, it turns out that if you don’t blog or read them, there’s less accountability and you tend to fall off the exercise wagon. While you guys were all out conquering races and hills, I was sitting around securing my title as the queen of Couch Potatodom. There were lots of trashy reality TV shows (Heidi, why can’t you see the things that Spencer does?) and “hydrating” if sucking down Amaretto sours count.
First world problem at its finest. Totally happened to me once or twice . .  .

The month of so that I was in Baton Rouge hasn’t all been debauchery, there was training for the new job and the whole exercise thing for a while.

Two weeks ago, I attempted to run with a running group in my naiveté. Five miles easy? I can totally knock that out! Well, first of all how is 7:00 something /mile pace anyone’s easy pace? And also five miles in the Louisiana humidity and heat is not something to laugh at. Luckily I didn’t bring my watch, so I don’t even know what pace I was running. I would have quit after the first ten minutes had I known the route and could walk back to the car.

Thankfully, I found a running buddy who was nice and then some. She was from the area and told me that she ran at about 10:00/mile pace, so I tried to stick with her. Even though I was dying from the beginning, I had no choice but to stick to her pace and keep prodding on to avoid getting lost. After thirty minutes of torture, I finally threw up the proverbial white flag and asked her for directions back to the car. She was nice enough to actually stop with me and walk with me back to the car. I felt bad that I might have ruined her run, but she assured me that she only usually runs about three miles anyways.
After that ill fated running attempt, I actually haven’t stepped a foot inside my running shoes.
This should be my new mantra for the next few days. And it was more like a bad month but whatever
Then there was the intro class at the local cross fit gym. That was fun and vomit inducing. I seriously was about to sign up until I decided to try out a boxing gym. 

So I moseyed on over to LA Boxing and took a intro boxing class, which was hard. However, the classes weren’t varied enough for me to justify forking over a huge sum of money. Also, there were lots of umm . . . “bigger” people at the gym. Call me shallow, but that did not instill faith in me that the gym would be getting me my Jessica Alba’s Sin City body any time soon.

There was also an attempt to just try out a regular gym by trying out the spin class. If you are friends with me in outside of virtual world, you’d know that I usually gripe about how much I hate biking. Well, spinning was a total struggle city on my non worked out body. I’m sad to say that for a decent portion of the class, my spin bike was pedaling my legs and not the other way around.
Kind of place that I always imagine I'm riding through on a spin bike
That brings me to now with no monetary commitment to fitness. Wait, that’s a lie. I did spend money to subscribe to Runner’s World and Women’s Health, which is sort of a fitness commitment. I'm starting to feel like how I felt senior year of college. I don't think just signing up for a gym would force me to go work out. More likely, my money would be better spent on a race so that I start training. 

Sorry for the very wordy post. I would have found/have more pictures but I'm sort of running late for work! Later! What's your favorite non running workout? Do you guys do cross fit?


  1. Haha! This reminds me one of the first times I went running with the school marathon team. It was supposed to be a midweek easy run. The group was comprised of 5 undergrad guys, approximately 1.85 m tall and most of them members of the track and field team. So, they're like "we'll take it easy today" and they set out at a 7 min pace! I was able to follow them until the first traffic light. And I di dn't even find another slower person to walk back with me... I don't do cross fit, because I can't afford it. Maybe when I find a real job? :-) I really enjoy lifting weights though.

  2. That first picture is totally me. Once I shower, I'm done for the day, no matter what haha.

    I'm sure you'll find something! Maybe you should get into martial arts for the variety?

  3. Sorry that your experiences have been less than stellar! Hopefully once fall rolls around and it is a little bit cooler you will enjoy running again! Or, you just need to register for a race with us and have something to look forward to :)