Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holy Humidity

You're lucky that you're getting this update through an internet blogpost and is not chatting with me in person, because I'm a one sweaty mess. I don't mind sweating when I'm working out, since sweat=awesome workout. 
And Monster=giddiness. A Monster a day keeps the Starbucks away. Yes, I know this picture is sideways, but my computer was being stupid. 

But it's not fun to be all sweaty and hat haired at work. I am finally beginning to do some real work that is helpful for the company instead of just attending training. Unfortunately, this also means that I spent the entire morning out in the Louisiana heat and humidity tracing lines in the plant. Because of safety concerns, I also had to be out wearing long sleeve collared shirt, long pants, steel toed boots, hard hat, and safety gloves. 
True story, except my boss doesn't think I sleep through the day. I hope not. 
Knowing that I'll be outside walking up and down flights of stairs, when my alarm buzzed at 4:50AM, I opted for more sleep. I knew a spin class would have made me feel better, but I also thought that might kill me at work, so back to sleep it was. It's a lot easier to justify going back to sleep when you're half asleep and cozy in bed. 

Now that we got the work talk out of the way, let's talk about running. Despite this being a running blog, I haven't written about running in a while. Let's be honest, I haven't written anything in a while. The bad thing about a running blog is that you have to run in order to blog. 

Yesterday, remember how I said that I went to a Body Pump class before work? Well, after work, I actually headed out for a 3 miler. It felt like I was dying, but I got in 3 very sweaty miles at 9:47/mile pace, which is faster than I've been running outdoors. 

The only reason that I ran "so fast," was that I felt like I was going to die if I stayed outside for longer. Note to self, bring water on runs. 
Photo of me if the heat was the moose(?) Is that a moose?
Hopefully, now I'm ready to get back into running and I will soon be able to tell you about exciting things like mile splits and emergency bathroom runs track workouts. A big maybe on the track workouts, since I never really did them even when I was in the racing mode. The emergency bathroom stops will definitely come up more often than I'd like since the route that I run has zero bathrooms. I mean seriously, what do all the runners do when they need to go? The woods is not an option because it's heavily populated and right by major roads. 
You knew this picture will be in the post since it's so relevant. Here's to hoping that won't be me and there's some hidden bathrooms on the route. 
I'm also now in the process of looking for new shoes. I feel like I should break in new running shoes while my old ones are still good. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the Asics that I have. Now, I don't know what brand to try. I'm thinking about a different line of Brooks or Sauconys. I really want to try out Hoka One One, which I found out about from this awesome blogger who doesn't know I'm alive. But she's cool and she swears by these shoes. Fun fact, Marshall Ulrich, ultra runner, also loves them. 

Now I'm off to trace some more lines and hydrate so that I don't faint off the unit. How did you guys find your shoes and how did you know that they were the one? Was it love at first wear or do you need to develop the relationship? 


  1. I love that moose picture haha.

    I loved my Brooks at first wear, but now they've changed it. I'm trying Mizunos next, hopefully that will work out. I'll still use Brooks for trail shoes though!

  2. Hahaha that ChE picture kills me

  3. Well, I was wearing asics kayanos for the longest time, 12-16, imagine. Even now, I have an asics pair in its unopened box waiting for me to open it. Currently I am wearing brooks ghost. I love them equally. Much lighter and more neutral. I think I will stick with this type of shoe in the future.

    on an irrelevant note, why do you prefer the monster to coffee? I've tried it once and I found it too sweet and full of weird chemicals I don't understand. hey! I'm the electrical engineer, not the chemical one so it's expected. :-P

  4. I just wanted to try the Kinvaras and then after wearing them I loved them! I did get the Mirages and it was the same thing. I just go with Saucony know.

  5. Your job has my interest! Hard hat and steel toed boots? Rad!

    Sorry about the humidity. That REALLY effects a run. Take it easy...your paces will come back when it cools down a bit.

    I knew my shoes were right when they felt good out of the box. My running shoes store lets me test then on the sidewalk out their door. I think it's good to have more than shoe model in rotation.