Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reading Instructions

For some reason, I have never been the one for reading directions. Oddly enough, I am the kind of reader who reads anything whenever I am doing any activity that permits me to multitask. During breakfast, I usually read the back of the cereal box enough to memorize all the words on it. I dutifully read through my town's newsletter. I even struggle through scientific articles that my mentor gives me. But for some reason, I never read the things that would actually help me through life. One relevant running example is with my GPS watch. After having my garmin 305 for more than two years, I recently read through some of the directions for it about two weeks ago. So now, I can actually use the auto lap function and the interval options correctly. I can't believe I haven't been using my garmin to its full potential. The workout setting is amazing! Also, I didn't bother checking my running schedule. I just assumed that it followed a linear increase. This led me to run 4 tempo miles today. Later, when I went to the schedule to check a run for next week, I realized that the schedule actually only called for 3 miles of tempo same as last week. Maybe that's why it felt hard. Anyways, this blog post came about because my handheld water bottle finally came in the mail. No more waterless long runs! This time, my eyes caught the picture on the tag of the water bottle and learned that what I thought was a stylistic hole is actually a thumb hole.

Because I am obsessed with anything running, I was way more excited about getting a water bottle than a normal person should be. I actually ran around the house for ten minutes with the empty water bottle with the tag still on. 

Now for the boring part.
Monday: Speedwork. Even though I used to dread them, now I can tolerate them. It's nice to know that I will eventually get faster. I had a mile warm up and a mile cool down. They were ladder style.
1mile: 8:27/mile
0.75 mile: 8:14/mile
0.5 mile: 7:57/mile
0.5mile: 7:44/mile
0.25 mile: 6:29/mile
The intervals were broken up by 3 minutes of light jogging. The miles all totaled up to a satisfying 6 miles.

Tuesday: 3 miles easy

Wednesday: 6 miles with 4 miles at tempo with a pace of 8:11/min.

These were all run at the beach. And I thought I'd take a picture of the place I've been running at for more than a week now.


  1. I love my Nathan water bottle! I'm so glad I found your blog, anyone who uses a Robert Frost quote for a blog title is cool by me. :)

  2. Anyone who recognizes a Frost quote is definitely a friend. :)