Wednesday, August 3, 2011

California Living

Finally, I am back home in sunny California with its dry heat and ocean breezes. It's nice to be warm in the sun and cool in the shade, none of the sticky humidity that plagues me in New York. As an added bonus, there are hardly any hills in any of my runs so far. Since my last post, I did do a two mile tempo run and an 8 mile long run in New York.

Yesterday, when I landed in LAX, my brother picked me up and we were able to do an easy 3.3 miles. Since my family had just moved and I hadn't seen the neighborhood, it was nice to go for an easy run. Today, at a nearby park, while my mom shopped for groceries, I also got in this week's interval run. Technically, I was supposed to go for a hill workout, but I couldn't find any suitable ones. So, I opted to repeat last week's speed intervals slightly faster. My interval splits were 1mile: 8:26/mile 0.75 mile: 8:13/mile  0.5 mile: 7:56/mile  0.25mile: 6:48/mile. The last 0.25 mile felt really fast. I don't understand how others can run mile repeats at that pace. I wonder if I'll ever be that fast. I hope so. People say that runners peak at around age 29. Here's to 8 more years of improvement. Hopefully.

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