Monday, August 15, 2011

Tapering early?

I meant to write a post earlier, but it got sidetracked by thinking about the approach of my final year at college. I am reluctant to leave the ivory tower, because as long as I had school, there was something to do. Now, I can't help but dread my final year mainly because I really want to get a job right out of college so that I can finance my running habit. Races are quite expensive. So between planning for next year's classes, and dreading the job search, I haven't thought about a post. I also don't have a phone that connects to the computer hence it's hard for me to get interesting photos related to running.

But running wise, last week was great. Sort of. . . But I'll talk about the good news first.

Thursday: I meant to go for easy 3 miles, but my cousin convinced me to go to the local track to see how fast we can do a mile. So for the first time in about four years, I ran on a track. Now, to give a bit of background, a seven minute mile has been like the four minute mile for me. Whenever we did the mile in high school, I could not run faster than 7 minutes. So after picking up running during this summer, I was afraid to try. We decided to run half a mile for warm up, then the mile, then the rest of 1.5 miles as cool down. During the half mile warm up, I felt as nervous as I had before my first 5K. But I did it! I did a mile in 6:26 min. Oh yeah, Go me! (Insert my embarrassing success dance). So now, I can chance the elusive five minute something mile.

Friday: Much needed recovery.

Saturday: My first 12 miler. *Fist Pump* So being the klutz that I am, I twisted my ankle two miles into the run.
Documented clumsy moment from the winter. 

Luckily, I was not too much worse for wear and continued on. There were also tons of bikers and other runners who witnessed my moment of weakness. I was too embarrassed to stop for long. I ran 9:39/min for the whole thing. And to celebrate the tremendous burning of calories, I then proceeded to consume a whole chipotle burrito. And this is why the week was sort of good. I had a long week of chugging along and started feeling twinges of pain.

So Sunday was a rest day.

And now on Monday, on a day that I was supposed to do speedwork, I opted for easy 4 miler. Even though my taper officially starts next week, I figured it's better to be safe than sorry. Not to mention I forked over 40 whole dollars for the half. It's not exorbitant price for a half, in face it's really well priced, but for a college student, it's a treat.

Here's a photo I found hilarious on I <3 to run page on facebook. I liked it, and now I have reminders to run instead of wasting time on facebook.
Not me yet. But it will be. However I will say that one who runs 12 miles for fun is scary too. 

Now I hope everyone's week started off right and with a run! Now I have to finalize my schedule and wake up at 4AM for add drop thanks to the time difference between east coast and pacific coast. 

Here's a question: Should I opt to take a technical chemical engineering course which might help me on the job hunt or should I take an intermediate Spanish course? Or I could just take less courses and keep up with running. :)


  1. I think you should take a Spanish course. Here are my reasons:

    One more engineering course won't help you that much and if you go too long without keeping up with Spanish you will lose it and thats something you will regret. You won't regret not taking one technical chemical engineer course.

    If you just keep signing up for races from time to time you will be forced to make time to run. And there is usually time to run, if you push yourself enough.

    Btw congrats on beating your 7 minute mile!!

  2. Both! You can run while studying on the treadmill :p

  3. Ow! Sorry about your ankle!

    But I do love the picture/motto :P it's totally true! You scare me :P in a good way. And congrats on the 7 minute mile! That's an accomplishment!

    Re: question... ooohhh... that's a tough one... depends why you are taking Spanish. If it was just for requirements, I'd choose the engineering class. If it's for personal interest or because it will help you in your career, then I'd vote on Spanish.