Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sea Tempo

I finally had the run that I've been waiting for all summer. I set out early this morning with my cousin to get my tempo miles in at the beach. I love inhaling the salty beach breeze with every step. Since I don't run with music, the sound of the waves pounding the shore also calms me. For the first time ever, I completed a three mile tempo run. I was able to do mile warm up at 9:58 pace, the three tempo miles at 8:20, and the last cool down mile at 10:11. Even though the thought of doing a three mile tempo was intimidating, I just kept on reminding myself that I ran a 5K at a faster pace than my tempo pace.

I think signing up for the half marathon for labor day weekend was the trick to getting me motivated to do my workouts. I know that with every workout I miss, I'm going to have a harder time at the half. I already have a goal time in mind. I want my first half marathon to be sub 2 hours. I hope I can achieve it.

Since I don't have a smartphone or a cable to connect my phone to my computer, I can never take a photo on a run no matter how pretty it looks. So here are some photos of my parents' new dog, Dante.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my. I can't ever imagine running for 2 hours. Sheesh. And labor day weekend, huh? So soon into the school year!

    Positive note: glad you had your great run by the ocean!!

    Ps. cutest dog ever.