Monday, September 5, 2011

Oak Tree Half Marathon Recap

I did not run the half in under two hours. My official chip time was 2hours 13 minutes 5 seconds (10:10/mile) for a 176 place out of 275. And 14 out of 21 in my age group. And I also did not run the whole way. I walked. . . a lot.

But that's okay. Because it ended up I was running on these babies.

Yup I'm so hard core. I think the scariest part was not knowing what was underneath the socks. 
I think this started happening after mile 5. Around then, it felt like I was running on fire. The first five miles were a breeze.
When everything was speedy and happy. 
I was running way to fast and tried to slow down, but it felt really good. Then, blisters started forming. I blame the slippery, dusty trail. So I thought I would take my first GU. WORST IDEA EVER! The taste wasn't bad. But it was too sweet and sat in my stomach heavily. And definitely no magical energy surging through my body that I was expecting.

And somehow, I slugged through 5 more miles. I walked up some hills and ran down. The worst part was trying to run on my feet. I completely lost any semblance of form. Normally I am a fore foot striker. Well, during the majority of the race, I was striking heavily on my heels to try to avoid blisters especially on the trail portions with lots of pointy rocks.

Thankfully, near the end, I met this awesome fellow runner, Ali, who also blogs. Her blog is cool but she is even cooler. I ventured to talk to her because she told everyone who passed her good job. Way more gracious than I will ever be. But that made the last 5K bearable.
We were smart. Instead of taking an energy drink which came in disposable cups, we took water and kept the cups. 

She also finished super strong. I tried to keep up with her, but by that point, my feet really hurt. so I took it easier until the last half a mile. I really pushed then, and started passing tired people. At the last 0.1 of a mile, this man tried to pass me. I didn't let him. I finished in a full out sprint and promptly forgot Ali's advice to pump my fist in the air when i finished. Instead I looked something like this
I know, super attractive. 
Blurry sprint to the finish
Even though, I didn't do as well as I liked, I already knew that I lacked training on hills. Unfortunately the whole course was hills. And I know that my training hasn't been a waste. Even though I wasn't running for speed, by the first 5K, I was already faster by a half a minute than my previous 5k. I am certain that if I was running a 5k, I would have blown my PR by a minute or more.

And despite the terrible time I had running and all the pain that I still am in, I can't wait for a redemption race. Currently, I am considering the Fabius Bread for Schools Run. It's a half in a month and just as hilly. Damn you central New York and your hills!!!!

What do you guys think? Should I sign up for another race? 


  1. Wow, that is some impressive sock blood! I think you did great on the race and sign up for another! It only gets better. :)

  2. You were still only barely over 2 hours!! Color me VERY impressed!!

    And I think you should most definitely sign up for another run... but I think half a month (two weeks!) away is probably pushing it on your poor battered feet?

    Speaking of which, I hope they feel better soon! I prescribe hot soaks, Tylenol, tons of neosporin, and ice cream.

  3. I cannot believe that your sock looked like that after! OUCH! I'm so glad we got to run/walk together the last few miles. It was tough but I'm proud that we pushed through at the end. :) You did AWESOME for your first half. I'm still looking for my redemption race, I'm thinking I'm going to run a 5k soon. I am going to e-mail you soon!

  4. Also--my 1st half, my finish line photo looked EXACTLY the same! It just means we gave it our all. ;)

  5. Thanks Kara and Maria. And I didn't mean to be confusing, but I meant it's a half marathon in a month. Not in half a month. That would be craziness. :) With you guys's encouragement, I might just sign up for it.

    And I will wait for your e-mail, Ali!

  6. i'm a bit late, but good job on your race! you really should be proud of your effort, proud of your training leading up to this point and proud to have persevered and finished strong! your time is totally respectable and i'll bet you've learned so much from this one race that you can apply to future races and training experiences..
    i definitely say sign up for another race, use what you learned from the process leading up to and including your last race, and have a blast!
    To paraphrase Mark Twain a bit, "Explore. Dream. Discover."