Friday, September 30, 2011

Things that made me run

September was a terrible month for me running wise. It's a month of my lowest mileage since I started running this year. But now October and cool weather are here. I plan on getting my runs in during the middle of the day so there's nothing stopping me. But I did get in one last run of the month today. I got in 4 miles at 9:02 pace.  And now as per the title, here are the things that made me run.

1. New clothes. I am not a big clothes shopper, but new running clothes are the best!
I am pretending to run really awkwardly. You can tell by how my left foot is completely flat on the ground. 
I thought it would be a good idea to break out the winter running pants, since it was slightly chilly. I opted to wear my shorts over the tight running pants, because I am not a big fan of tight clothes around my crotch area. Unfortunately, it was a little too warm during the run.

2. Errands to run.(pun intended)
Nothing calls for a run more than having to go to the post office that's a good half a mile away. 
I ran with a giant white envelope a dollar to go mail my rent check. Although, it was totally unnecessary since I found place that sold stamps 0.1 miles from where I live. But my garmin was on and I couldn't go back after 0.1 miles of running.

3. Apple festival
Picture for this will probably come later. Apple festival is tomorrow. Pumpkin funnel cakes. 'Nuff said.

4. Halloween
While, I've never been the one to dress in a risque costume like my fellow college mates who walk the streets of collegetown, I'd like to keep the option open.
Yes, I even wore an undershirt underneath my respectable doctor costume. 
In my defense, it snowed a little in the morning, so it was freezing.

5. Bread Run
What? I signed up for a half marathon and it's in a week? I really messed up this one. I have no idea how I will complete a half marathon in a week with dismal training. But I will get to add a shiny new medal to my collection if I'm not found dead on the side of some good ol' rolling hills.

Here's to a new month and getting back up to 30+ miles a week! And funnel cakes! 

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  1. Here's to funnel cakes and a FANTASTIC Halloween costume :)