Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long Run Sunday

For some reason, I seem to always need an extra day to get used to the idea of a long run. I schedule all long runs on Saturdays. Then I make up excuses, go back to sleep, and have to do the long run Sunday. Yesterday, I planned on getting a 12 miler in the morning, then going to the apple festival to reward myself. Well, it was very cold and rainy all day, so I convinced myself that I was getting sick.

But that clearly did not stop me from going to the apple festival and getting pumpkin funnel cake and deep fried oreos. 
As a side note, I wasn't a big fan of deep fried Oreo. The Oreo gets too soggy, but the funnel cake was awesome. 

Then I got some veggies and fruits to make a balanced diet. 
I would have taken picture of my corn and hot chocolate, but it was gone too quickly.
For fruit, I chose to have caramel coated apple with white chocolate chips, m&m's and nut toppings. 
Great fueling for the long run. And it must have worked, because despite the chilliness, I logged 10 miles in 9:06/mile pace with the last two miles at my Oak Tree Half goal pace.For the Bread Run, I am just aiming for something less than 10:10/mile. It was a great confidence booster that maybe I would be able to finish the half marathon this coming weekend despite a sad lack of training. 

Oh and I finally got to try cliff shot blocks. I didn't get that magical boost in energy, but it didn't disagree with  me. A step in the right direction!

All in all, it was a great way to start October. A great run along with tons of junk food. Hopefully rest of October stays awesome. 

And just to start your October with awesomeness, here's a picture from i<3 to run on fb. I found this sacrilegious since I'm Christian, but it still made me smile. And I sort of think of it whenever I do a long run on Sundays. 

Please don't be offended. 


  1. I just giggled reading about how you schedule your long runs because I do the exact same thing. I plan all of my long runs for Friday or Saturday, but then end up pushing them off until Sunday. Ahh well, at least we get them in! :) The Apple Festival looks amazing!

  2. I got the corn and apple-caramel-white chocolate too! Too bad the pumpkin funnel cakes had a zillion mile long line. Like at least 30 people.

    And HILARIOUS heretical picture XD

  3. Haha that picture is funny; I'm not offended. Pumpkin funnel cake sounds amazing!! I need to start scouting outdoor festivals in my area to find it. :)