Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Gift

I wish I was writing this post telling you guys that I just bought myself the best birthday gift ever. But I didn't . . . yet. For half of December and most of January, I'll be back in sunny California for winter break. That also happens to be when my birthday is. And my birthday happens to be the race day for 13.1 marathon Los Angeles. It would be awesome to be able to run a PR on my birthday.

But, the race fee is around 85 dollars including processing fee. And I still can't bear to part with 85 dollars to run the race. That's almost a new pair of running shoes. There's another race a little farther away from my home and a week earlier that's around 60 something dollars. But I really wanted to run on Venice Beach. Decisions, decisions. And even 60 something dollars seem very expensive to me.

I was totally prepared to do this on January 15th on the Venice Beach boardwalk.
True that
But I guess, now I'm not sure. I have five days to decide util race fees increase again.

Am I crazy for thinking a half marathon is an amazing way to spend my birthday? Should I shell out the bucks? 


  1. I think a half marathon sounds like an awesome birthday! And then you've already burned all the calories for your cake! :) I would pay the 85 dollars if it was a big race, where you could enjoy an expo and have a large crowd for support. If it's not so big, I would probably go for the lower priced one. And how weird is it that youre a ChE too?! :)

  2. I would do it! Maybe you could ask for someone else to buy you that for your birthday, any early birthday present? I agree that $85 dollars is pretty steep for a half marathon, I thought ours was expensive at $65! But again, how many people can say that they have run in a half marathon on their birthday. Plus you will have all the birthday luck on your side so you would definitely PR!

  3. If you love the location, AND it is your birthday, I say do it! Plus wheedle your parents into getting you a new Garmin ;)

  4. If it is on your birthday, maybe you could ask for it as a gift in some way? 85 dollars is a lot, but I guess if the expo is big and there's a lot going on leading up to the race and right afterwards, then it might be worth doing.

    BUT, if you really, really want to do the race and I know it will be a fun and enjoyable time, then I think it is totally fine to go big and shell out some green for your own personal birthday gift.

  5. So excited you get to go back to California for a visit! Maybe you could try to get someone else to split the cost of the half as a birthday present for you :) What an unforgettable birthday present that would be!