Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Things Thursday

1. Garmins are expensive
I had  24 hours of panic mode yesterday when the garmin refused to work after a 5 mile run. So I spent a good part of today looking at every website for a new garmin or a good timex stop watch that can lap. But magically, the garmin started working today in time for a good interval workout!
One garmin forerunner 405 costs about $200.
Forerunner 405 = 2 good pairs of shoes = about 1,000 or so miles of fun
Forerunner 405 = 3.5 moderately priced half marathons
Forerunner 405 = 8 reasonably priced 5Ks
Forerunner 405 = 100 cups of java chip frap from Starbucks.
You get the point.

2. There's a pretty tree on my way from classes that makes me want to run. 
It's a very pretty tree. And my phone did a decent job at capturing it. 
I don't know why it makes me want to run. But it does.

3. Running is good but training is even better.
When I don't have a training plan, I can't muster enough motivation to go out and run. I ran intervals today because I'm debating on signing up for a 5K next weekend.
Just think of my face instead of the cat's. Totally what I look like.
Found on google images for a lazy cat. Training rocks, because it makes me do speed workouts and while they hurt, workouts make me faster. And faster is always good.

4. I really want to run a 5K.
I am DYING to run a 5K. After two half marathons, I want to feel fast again. But since September has been a dismal month of no intervals or tempo, a fast 5K may not be possible. I want to try though.

5. I have thunder thighs.
But all the better to thunder down the course with. I've always had a body type with bigger thighs than my waist (annoying when buying pants), but lately I realized that when I look in the mirror, I appreciate them more than I used to. Especially true when I looked at my race photos from the bread run. My face was a scary grimace in the last sprint to the finish, and my legs are awesomely strong and springy looking.
Bam! Finishing strong. 
 I told you my thoughts. Your turn.What are you guys thinking about? 


  1. This is a fantastic post!! Seriously.

    Where is that tree?

  2. Thanks Maria. It's on the way to Uris from Olin. It's in that little grassy creek place next to Day Hall in front of Statler.

  3. You should do the "It's a Wonderful Run" 5K with me and my husband in December. It's in Seneca Falls and you run it at night through all the lights that they have around town. Sounds like it will be fun!

  4. Oh and use this website for any future Garmin's, so much cheaper!

  5. I can relate to having large thighs and a small waist. Skinny jeans and I just don't mix.

    Today I am thinking about a second nap since I took a crazy spin class this morning.

  6. I totally have thunder thighs too! It's all good ;)

    Also, Garmins are expensive!! If I had to replace mine, I would probably just get the 205 version since it's the cheapest. My 305 has held up pretty good over the past 2 years (knock on wood).