Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rain Run

I finally went for a run in the rain! I always have used rain as an excuse to skip out on my daily workouts in the past, but I just went out and did it. In central New York, it can rain for days, and I didn't want rain to be a reason to miss out on days of running. I wore warmer clothing than I have donned in the past, put on my old pair of  sneakers and set out to run four miles to work.

Luckily, all I needed today for work was a pen. I spend a few hours a week teaching international TAs English and today I just had to film their sample lectures and write down feedback. So I put a pen and my phone in the pocket of my handheld, which fit perfectly.

If the road was a runway, I was definitely Tyra.  I rocked that road. I just felt so hardcore chugging along in the elements. I did get a quite a few weird looks. I must have looked crazy with wild wet hair and a smile (which is not what you expect from a person in the freezing rain running). I did run into one other runner, but he kept his head down. I wanted to  give him a "We are totally bad asses" nod. The excitement definitely got to my head. I'm certain that at one point during the run, I considered trying out for America's top Model in case they decide to do a rainy sports shoot.

I got to work a little early to go to the bathroom to document my milestone. Yay for cell phone self portraits in bathrooms.
Very sexy. 
Note my jacket. I thought it was waterproof. I planned on taking off the outer layer and going into work in my "dry" shirt. 

Clearly not. In fact, it looked like I had awkward boob sweat even though it was just the rain. So I stayed in the wet jacket. 
To prevent my hair from looking too wild, I tied up my hair in a pony and also braided it.
Not too shabby for a windy rain day. Look how red my ears are. 

Unfortunately, the building that I worked in wasn't very warm. In fact people kept their jackets on, which meant that I was just cold in my wet gear. So on the run back, I didn't even wait for the garmin to catch. I knew it was a mile away and just ran it fast to get home. I thought it had gotten colder on the way back, but I wasn't sure if I was just making it up. But as I got home, it started snowing. I totally rock at this exercising thing. I even got in some good foam rolling! 

What was the best moment of your week? Between tests and projects for classes, this was the best I've felt all week. Running is awesome. And all your comments on the job posts were  very interesting. Thanks!
Or ran in it. 


  1. That's fantastic!! I love to hear this enthusiasm. I'm sorry you didn't get a "we're badasses" head nod back, but I'm sure it's only cuz he was ashamed he wasn't as badass as you.

  2. Haha- I love your analogy of the road being a runway. Awesome job on the run!

  3. Good job getting a rainy run done! We've run in the rain a few times and it isn't too bad actually, even though right now it is pretty cold. I'm thinking that tonight will be the first time I wear a long sleeve shirt on a run.

  4. I love that you not only ran in the rain, but you rocked your run in the rain. :)

  5. great job rocking out in the rain! I don't mind running in the rain (and sometimes welcome it in the summer!) but I run on very narrow roads with blind turns and I'm always afraid of a car swerving and not having enough time to react to it