Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween! And now to celebrate, here are things related to running that scare me the most.

1. Running without a garmin
I'm sad to say that this one makes it on the list. I am afraid to run anywhere without knowing my exact mileage every 0.1 miles and my pace every second. It's a problem, but unless they have a rehab for garmin addicts, I don't see this fear going away anytime soon.
Even with a garmin obsession, i still managed to notice my surroundings and take a call phone picture. In the path by the lake that my school encompasses.  

2. Being injured/Using foam roller
I am afraid of getting injured and not being able to run and missing my birthday race. That leads to my second point. Foam Rollers are scary. Even if mine is pink and supporting breast cancer.  But to avoid injury, foam rollers are important. Or so I hear.

3. Getting out the door
As much as I enjoy running, I always dread getting out the door. Because no matter how I might enjoy it,  sitting in my warm bed eating chips and surfing the internet seems way better than braving the freezing temperatures. But something makes me head out the door each day.
On the same route as the above picture. My school is pretty. 

4. That I will get really fast
What if I rock my training so much that I end up qualifying for the olympics at my next half marathon. And I would have to leave school to go train in Oregon at the Nike campus. And people I admire like Kara Goucher won't talk to me because I'm her competition?

Could happen. Maybe . . . In my dreams

5. Tempo Runs
For some reason, whenever you attach the word tempo to run, I psych myself out. 5K in 7:34/mile pace? No problem. 2 or 3 miles tempo run at 8:00/mile pace? Hells no.
What I probably look like when I see the word tempo

What are your scary running moments? Happy Halloween! 


  1. Good list! Running without a Garmin isn't too bad, if you have to do it.

    I obviously don't like the injury part right now since I'm living that, but I am starting to feel better and only notice a slight pain on the top of my foot now. I'm hoping that when my new shoes arrive that I will be able to take them out for a 3 to 4 mile run.

  2. Tempos can be scary but they will make you a better runner! Just keep at it and you will find your groove. I love foam rolling even though it hurts. its important for staying injury free!

    When I was in college, I didn't always run in the morning. I played basketball and track so during the season we always had practice from 4-6pm. In pre-season I used to get up and run early but only when I didn't have an 8am class. Something about college always makes it hard to get up early - maybe cause I never went to bed before 11pm...

  3. Tempo runs can be scary, yes, but Yasso 800s are my Nightmare on Elm Street! As for you finding a GPS rehab, sign me up too. Hi, my name is Jeff and I can't run without my Timex Global Trainer.
    And the foam roller...embrace it. I think that it is what has kept me healthy through this season's mary training!