Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank god for coffee

I'm fairly certain my blood has turned into coffee.
Yup. I'm the nerd who takes photos with coffee at the library. This was last semester. Now, I have my own travel mug, so it holds more coffee. 
That's been my main liquid intake for this past week. Horrible way to hydrate for running, except I haven't ran at all.

But now, I have to do the long run this weekend of 10 miles. And since that didn't happen today (Saturday), I slept for 9 hours and then took a two hour nap, I need to do it tomorrow. Well, I was planning on doing it today, but my garmin didn't catch. AGAIN!!

Taken from I <3 to run on fb. Clearly, this won't be a problem for me because my garmin seems bent on keeping me sedentary. But in a weird way, I sort of wish that if I was unable to run and pause my garmin, whoever finds me would pause it. X-)
But the good thing is that because I only ran 3 miles, I had people to run it with. The 3 miler also gave me an excuse to eat three donuts. One for each mile. And we even found a new route along a lake in the campus. Finding new routes are amazing. Well, I think it was there before, but they cleaned it up and made it wider, which made running on it a lot better. Next time, I shall take a photo for everyone.

And Tall Mom gave me a virtual high five, so now I have to do the run tomorrow.

Wish me luck! Enjoy your weekend!

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