Friday, September 9, 2011


I haven't written in a while. Mainly because this is a running blog and in the days following the half until today, I've run a grand total of 0 miles. In the name of laziness recovery, I just kicked back and fueled like a champion. Even though I haven't even looked at my sneakers, I've been eating like the night before the race with platefuls of spaghetti.

In my defense, I've thought about running obsessively. I started having these racing dreams. I've looked at race schedules of all the states closest to me. Most of all, I debated about signing up for that small half marathon that I've talked about in the last post. I know that I really want to race another half marathon, and this one is super cheap, $35 if you're a full time student. And also, I've gotten so many encouraging comments on this blog and on daily mile. But it bothered me that there are lots of hills. As try as I might, I keep on remembering how I crashed on the Oak Tree race course. And I'm of course wary about getting another round of blisters. Although, not so wary to spend $30 on good pair of socks yet. Additionally, it's a small race of about 100 fast people, judging by last year's times. People tell me not to be nervous about a race, and that there's no way I'll be last. However, in this race, I very well could be the last in my age group. Despite the fact that I know that I'm not a super speedy runner, I don't think I could take being last.

But finally today, I've decided to sign up for it! Thanks to all the blog readers, who commented, and daily mile friends. With the amount of support I have, I am willing to take the chance that I'll take last in my age group. My main goal for this race is going to be to have fun and enjoy the distance.

So, in the spirit of starting training, I rustled up my bfriend and two other friends for a recovery run of 2.94 miles. It turned out to be such a weird number because my garmin died less than a mile in. During my week of inactiveness, I've also forgotten about charging my garmin. But it was a good run. It started terribly. After a mile, the run felt awesome. It was just what I needed! I also got to put in some surges in the second half of the run. It's runs like these that make me feel happy to be a runner and glad to be alive!
Nothing like a jump photo to demonstrate how alive I felt after the run. This was taken at my cousin's wedding. 

Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Woo hoo, I'm glad you decided to sign up for the race! That is a super cheap price, I'm jealous! :) Now I want to go find you on Daily Mile!