Friday, November 18, 2011

Running without a watch

Today, I was forced to run without a garmin. I briefly considered waiting for it to charge, but I didn't want to risk not going for a run at all. So, I forced my bf to accompany for the first three miles. If I couldn't spend the run obsessing over my mile splits and distance, I needed distraction
I made him go even though he didn't have long workout pants. I'm a fantastic girlfriend. 
But turns out, running without numbers might be the best thing ever. 

In the beginning, I slowed down instead of pushing it. There was no watch telling me that I was running slowly, so I just took it easy. 
I even sat down on a bench that I've always wanted to try sitting on. I hadn't been missing out on much. It was cold and not very comfy. 
It was also good to slow down because my bf has been experiencing some pain in his achilles tendon area. He's had it for weeks. Anyone know what that could be caused by? Or what to do to treat it? 

After 2 miles, he decided to walk home and I set out to run a little longer. My legs settled into a nice rhythm and I enjoyed the alone time. I ended up completing 5.44 miles at an unknown pace. I wanted to run longer, but the light was fading and I was sort of dressed in darks. Great for stealth attacks, but not so great for night running. 
My hair is black too. I could totally be a ninja.

All in all, I am very happy. At times like these, I am so thankful to be a runner. Especially since I may have had a giant cotton candy for lunch that needed to be burned off. 

Tell me, do you always run with a garmin? What was your favorite running moment of the week? 


  1. I don't run with a garmin at all! I do use an app on my iPhone though. It does pretty much the same thing as the Garmin-pace, splits, route, etc.

  2. We typically run with our Garmin, except when Mike forgets to charge it or drops it. I never race with it though since I am a nice person and let him wear it!

    Tell you boyfriend to be careful! My injury is in my Achilles and I think that it's tendinitis or bursitis. He could have an overuse injury. I've read that forefoot and mid-foot strikes are better for your knees but worse for your heel and Achilles, maybe that's his problem.

  3. I am very dependent on my Garmin. I'm trying to learn to depend on it less though - after all it's just a piece of technology, and technology can fail.