Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter is here

And I kind of miss fall. 
Path that I always walk by on the way to class
Today was the first real snow fall of the season. And while I love snow, I will miss all the pretty leaves.
This is the prettiest tree in the engineering quad. We are good friends. 
I was thankful that I got my run in before the snow thing happened. Not that it snowed hard, but now I get to stay warm and under the covers. 

The run itself was disappointing. I was planning on doing 3x1 mile intervals at 7:37/mile with 0.5 mile rest in between. But I somehow lost steam in the middle of it. I know that I can do it. I knocked out a 5K, 3.1 consecutive miles, in 7:34/mile. This should have been easy. 
See? I'm not lying. It's documented. 
However, for whatever reason, I couldn't keep up the pace. I would like to think that it was the three hours of sleep I got last night. But probably it was a combination of my weak will, exhaustion, and the fact that I haven't ran much in the last week. On the bright side, I did get in 4.36 miles. 

The weird part was that after deciding to not complete my intervals, I couldn't bring my pace down to my normal easy pace. I ran the first mile at 9:20 as a warm up, and ran the rest of the miles at a 8:12/mile pace. 

So it's sort of like a tempo. Right? Right? 

Tomorrow, I am definitely shooting for slower miles in preparation for this weekend's long run. 
Winter in California. Definitely different than winter in NY. Doesn't it look like my dad has a halo? 

Happy FRIDAY!!!! I'm excited about sleeping. Lots of sleeping. What are you guys excited about? 


  1. Oh my goodness it SNOWED?! I'm glad it doesn't snow that much in MS! That path you walk to class on is so pretty!

  2. It snowed here too.. Mike and I live really close to the Lake so we get it pretty bad in the winter. I'm not ready for it!

    I'm excited about being on vacation next week!

    Good job getting your run in, remember during races you have that extra adrenaline! You will get there!

  3. I feel gyped about my fall. It was either summer hot or winter cold, we only got a few nice FALL days.

    I hope your long run this weekend goes well!