Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week's Recap

 I discovered how to access the elevation changes of my runs.Since  I am a data obsessed engineer, more data = happy Rena.

Non running things that happened:
-Convinced my guy friends to drive 30 minutes from campus to hit up a KFC. Then washed that down with a donut. But it's cool, I'm a runner.
-Got over my fear of running in tight long running pants. Since the weather has been getting cooler, I had to get over this fear sometime.
-Went for a spontaneous bubble tea excursion with a friend.
Yay sugar! I love long runs that allow me to consume extra calories.  
- Bought a pair leg warmers when I saw them on sale. I've always loved them but didn't wear them because I have short non-dancer legs. But I run now, and I'll wear whatever I want to. 
I pretend that I'm a dancer with my legwarmers. 

Monday: 5 miles 9:07/mile pace.
Even though this is faster than I normally run my easy runs, it felt good. And I was able to hold it.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 miles 9:33/mile
I decided that I was going to start following a training plan and start doing tempos and intervals. So I took it easy for preparation for Wed. I kept what was supposed to be my easy speed. It felt like I was going super slow, but it didn't feel easy.

Thursday: Rest
I was planning on a midnight run with the bf after getting all our work done, but didn't happen. Notice that also speedwork or tempos didn't happen. Right after my 3 miler, I decided that intervals and tempos were stressful and that I wanted to put it off.

Friday: 5 miles 8:29/mile
After a mile, I decided to really push the pace, even up a hill. I ran all the way up to the stables at my school. And used it as an excuse to stop/take pictures. I didn't get any good pics with my phone and managed to scare the horse. But I did have a great paced run.
I powered through the  beginning even though it's almost all uphill. 

Saturday: Planned 8 miles
Didn't happen.

Sunday: 8 miles 9:30/mile
Dragged myself out for 8 miles. It was miserable and slow, but at least I got it done. And I managed to justify why I wasn't following a training plan for my goal half. I convinced myself that I had a mental block against distances over 5 miles, so I just need to focus on running longer even during week days. Planning workouts during running is like going shopping when hungry. Not a good idea! I wanted to quit after 5 miles, but the bf joined me for the last 3 miles. Running is always easier with a buddy.
My bf, AKA running buddy. He's the one in the middle, not the kid on the left. That would make me a pedophile. 

It's great to have running buddies.
My running buddy when I'm visiting my bf's house. Best part is that he lives on a farm, so no leash for the dog.  He just sort of trots next to me or goes off and comes back every once in a while. No fighting with a leash! 
What was your favorite moment of your week? I hope it was filled with good runs. It's Monday tomorrow, have a happy run filled week! 


  1. I feel like that elevation graph sums up running in Ithaca.

  2. I've had bubble tea before, when I was visiting my brother in Atlanta!

    I love that you get to run with that dog and he can be off-leash. I wish Bernie could run with us, but he would have to stop way too many times for it to even be worth it.

  3. I love Bubble tea!! So yummy. I love that you blog about how much you run. It's inspiring me! :)

  4. I haven't had Bubble Tea in so long! All I want are the bubbles...all I want to do is chew, don't care about the tea.