Monday, December 19, 2011

Confession time

I have somewhat of a shameful confession to make.

I can't really drive. At 21, it's kind of shocking that I can't drive, but I am sort of afraid of it.

I got my license when I was 16, but because of how expensive the insurance was, once I got my license, I didn't get to drive at all. And then the whole college thing happened. Now, I am insured during the break, but I much prefer to walk or run. So I've only driven a few times during breaks. And since I'm only home for about 6 weeks out of the entire year, this means driving is not my friend.

But today, I think I finally sort of overcame that fear. I wanted to go get bubble tea with a friend, but the only way to get there was by driving or having my brother drive me there and then pick me up later. Thanks to my cheapness (didn't want to spend extra gas by having my brother go back and forth twice), and my love for bubble tea friend, I just did it.

I thought about it like a tempo work out. Instead of obsessing at home for hours, I just went out and drove an unfamiliar route for the first time. Considering how I never drive and I've never really driven alone, it was a big feat for me.

I did make a 15 minute drive 30 minutes by getting lost both ways, but now I know that I can drive by myself with no real problems. About time!
And we took this kind of blurry, bad quality photo. 
And played kinect games, which was hard since I'd already gotten in my workout of 5 miles at 9:38/mile pace this morning. We actually took about 10 photos and the above was the best one. Yup, the others were horrific and blurry. 
Proof  that I got all sweaty this morning. If you'd seen me in person, you would also see the dirt marks all over my white shirt as a courtesy of my dog. 
Does kinect count as cross training? Because I was sweatier than I was from my easy run.

I hope your day is going swimmingly. And does anyone know of how to get rid of tightness in calves? Mine are killing me. Rest day tomorrow!


  1. Way to go conquering your fear! There's no shame in being afraid of driving, especially if you don't do it that often.

    I've never played kinect but we have a wii and I would say that some of the games could count as crossing training, you work up a sweat!

  2. Haha, it's funny because I'm afraid of driving too, but I do it everyday. It's these windy country roads, they scare me!

    I think if you sweat, it's a good workout.