Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not quite back yet

Sorry I've been majorly MIA. For more than a week, I didn't post anything or even comment on anyone's post.

My google reader has 300+ unread items.

I also haven't ran in a too long of a time unless you count yesterday, when I had to bring a book to a friend and I thought I could brave the elements in shorts and flip flops in central NY. Not the best idea I've had, but I did run like a pack of wolves were chasing me.

But I am almost back to regularly scheduled running, posting, and reading other blogs. I just have one more final left. I like to conserve my energy toward possible all-nighters instead of running during finals time. Running makes me sleepy. And then I'll be back home in sunny California.
I am not actually riding a real moped. 
I am quite excited to read about everyone's adventures in about 30 hours after my last bioprocess test ever. And I will scarily be a second semester senior. Yikes!

And when I'm not studying, I've been playing with my brand new ipod touch. I just downloaded the smart coach app and nike training app. I really like the smart coach app. It tells me what run I should be doing and makes me feel guilty. It's also telling me that there's only 29 days left until my goal race, which I'm definitely not ready for. 

But since I laid down some big bucks for it, I will die or PR. 

So any good fitness apps that I should be downloading? Bonus points if it's free, because I'm a poor college student. :P I will see you all after my finals! 


  1. Good luck with the rest of your finals!

    You are going to do great in your race!

    I don't have an ipod touch (Mike does), but I'm sure that there are tons of great fitness apps out there for free.

  2. Good luck on the last final!!

    Also, I will die or PR should be on a shirt. :)