Friday, December 2, 2011

I went for a run

It finally happened. It was about time for a short 3 miler. 

I'm weirdly stubborn about unimportant things. Technically, I was going to go for the three mile run yesterday when it was sunny and warm. I had planned on wearing shorts. Then the weird nap thing happened and the run didn't. So today I was determined to wear shorts no matter the weather. So that's how running in shorts in 30 degress weather happened. 

But I didn't just shorts it. I'm not that hardcore. From reading Ali's blog, I knew that some runners pair leg warmers with shorts. 
I pulled it all the way up, so that it looked more like compression sleeves. 
The best part? No one could tell that I've been lax on the shaving. Score! Don't worry. It's all taken care of now. 

After the run, I went and visited the bf. And found this . . . 
Yes, that's duct tape. We are classy here. 
My bf and his housemates are all engineers. Four years and $200,000 each of engineering education  later, this is what they do when the freezer door doesn't close. 

I also went to a dinner party celebrating the last day of classes. This will be my last fall semester. Freaky! 

I hope you guys had a great week. And have a great weekend! 


  1. Good job getting your run in! I don't have any leg warmers, but I might have to buy some now.

  2. Duct tape fixes everything :) I run with compression on long runs occasionally.

  3. Congrats on a run! Those leggins looks super warm and runner friendly :)

    And don't you love having engineers around? :)