Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am back

It's the last week of school and finally all the projects are done. Now all there's left is to bang out three tests and wrap up my research project. Easier said than done, but yay. And I also somehow have to figure out what I want for my life and try to find a job. Yikes! Despite the fact that I always complain about tests and hw  come May, I feel like you'll have to drag me away from my little sheltered college world.
College land is pretty. That's our art museum. 
It's sort of worrying that even in this unreal world of academics, I still have a hard time fitting in running. To everyone who goes to grad school, has a job, and/or has babies and runs, kudos to you. In fact, I haven't run in more than a week. It's not even the time commitment that prevents me from running. It's that if I know that I have to stay up past 4AM, I don't want to expand more energy than is strictly necessary.
But there's always time and energy for a super Asian pose.  Always. 
But I was determined to run today. Even though I felt like the walking dead. I was lurching around moaning for brains AKA Starbucks. Thank God for seasonal flavors that I can try out. Let's just say that last night, I spent 15 hours straight, except for a 10 minute where I went out to grab dinner, in Olin Hall (chemical engineering building at my school).

However, I slept through an alarm and by the time I woke up from my nap, it was getting too dark. But dammit I was going to get some exercise tonight.

So, I went for a little night walk through campus.
A little arm work out. 

This was what I was going for. Not the wild flailing that I'm doing with my legs. 
And best of all, I got to wear matching leg warmers with my sweatshirt. I love the legwarmer poking out from the tops of boots look. Which inspired me to do a dancey pose. 
It looked better in my head.  
I am definitely running tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone and may your garmins catch signal quickly! 


  1. Happy Friday! I have been crazy busy too I hadn't run in 4 days!

  2. Don't feel bad about fitting in running. Working out took a back seat when I was in college and grad school, it's just a different type of pressure than having a full time job.