Monday, February 20, 2012

AM Runs are Hard

I missed my weekend long run again. Surprise, surprise! 

It shouldn't be that hard to wake up at 8AM during the weekend, but it's near impossible to do for me. First of all, I usually average about 5-6 hours of sleep during the weekdays. And even during the weekend, I usually don't get to bed until 2AM. With the sleep debt built up during the weekday, I usually end up snoozing the alarm until 11AM. 
This is what I look like when I should be long running. I actually do sleep face down like the cat. 
Then, I frantically get up and head to Olin (chemical engineering basement) basement to work on senior design until dinner time. 

Since I missed my long run of ten miles two weeks ago, I headed out for that 10 miles today. It was hilly and brutal. 
Even though there was a net elevation loss, it definitely did not feel like it. 
I ended up averaging a 9:37/mile with wild splits. 
Look at that last mile, I was definitely glad to be heading home. 
At least I negative split on the last mile. 

Although, I did get my 10 miler in, from now on, I should stick to having my long runs during the weekend. It's just too tiring to run long and then stay up late for projects. 

Maybe I should try for a long run from Friday. So I'll have three days to get it right. Third time (Sunday) is the charm, right? 

Oh, and I totally did not have today off, because academia never sleeps. Also, my school never gives days off. 

Hope your three day weekend was great! I sure am jealous of it. Oh and happy Mardi Gras. I just looked it up, because all the fb status updates turned Mardi Gras related. How do you make sure to wake up for the long run? Any magical tricks (like sleeping with running clothes on, or turning three times and clicking your running shoes) other than going to bed earlier? 
If only starting wasn't so hard. 


  1. No magical tricks here, but we usually wake up around 8 or 9 on the weekends anyway so we just go running after we wake up.

    We didn't have the day off either, but I had to stay home because our hot water heater died over the weekend.

    This weekend was full of lots of things going wrong, but at least our 10 miler wasn't one of them!

  2. My husband was the same as you in college (sleep debt = comatose weekends). I guess it's an engineering thing? :)

    My trick for getting up for long runs? Meeting people at a set time. :)

  3. The only reason I was ever up early on the weekends was because I had practice for bball or track. It was tough though - I ended up taking lots of naps in college.

  4. Fantastic hill run - good job.
    My longs are with my running group so I feel accountable to show up and not let anyone down. Otherwise snooze ... snooze ... snooze.

  5. Great job on your long run! I hope it was easier this weekend for you. Having kids puts a lot of pressure to get the long run done early...actually all runs done early. :) That way my baby sitter- (hubby) is still home.