Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jumping on the bandwagon

You know how some runners start really cool trends with their blogs? Like Ali and her I <3 sweat t-shirts.

That's definitely not me. Today, I seriously considered purchasing an umbrella hat for running for rainy days. How fashionable.
MS paint in all its glory. This is a very badly edited picture of what I might look like with an umbrella hat. 
Totally going to be bigger than hula hoops. Who said umbrella hats were uncool? It probably is really convenient for rain running.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I didn't have money to spend on such trivial things. Money should be used for important things, like race fees and compression socks. Obviously.

With no umbrella hat and drizzly, gray weather, I ended up skipping my run today. Since I took Wednesday off, I guess I used up my two rest days for the week in one shot. Sigh

But I did finally jump on the bandwagon and created a twitter account, because all the cool kids were doing it. Do I need more distractions? Definitely not. But I wanted to see what the deal was. Not to mention, I was tired of being the only 20 something year old who doesn't know what #blahblah means.
Let's be friends @RunnerinaRena!

I actually wanted Runnerena, but it was taken by someone who's not named Rena and who doesn't run. How odd!

Have a great Friday! I hope your Thursday was more cheerful. Do you guys have twitter? Be honest, is it so yesterday to have a twitter account? 


  1. I'm following you! @ashleyrunning

  2. I'm just like you, I joined twitter about two weeks ago! I'm still happy that I was your first follower though!

    I think twitter is pretty useful, it is getting me more connections than just my blog!