Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Friday

Making lists are fun. The only problem is that I don't make them nearly often enough. One of my non running related goals are to make more lists and become organized with things that I have to do. Not to mention, all these to-do lists in my head seem way more daunting in my brain. So I am going to try to make a list of all the things that make me happy to get in the mood for the weekend. Sort of like Ali's Thankful things post. And I'm inspired by my non internet friend, Gina, who has lists of her lists. (Hey Gina!)

Here are the things that are making me happy.

1. Double running days. 
Yup, today was the double running day. I went in the morning for a quick 4.1 miler at 9:59/mile pace in between classes. I had originally wanted to get in 5 or 6, but I didn't want to have to rush home at a non-easy pace. Even though it was an easy day and I reminded myself to run slowly, I died slowly inside as I watched the numbers on my garmin go up past 10:00/mile pace. I really need to stop being stupid and get with the program of running my easy runs slowly.

I got over the slower pace, but the less mileage was bumming me out. As a result, when my bf decided to head out on his 6 miler at night, I tagged along. Unfortunately, my knee started hurting (not exactly painful, but uncomfortable) again. It's been happening during my runs lately. I have a few suspects in mind. So I just cut it short and ran 3.3 miles at his 10:28/mile pace.

My suspect number one is my old Brooks. They only have 335 miles on them, but the treads are worn through where I pronate.
Possible suspect? Maybe. Looking at the soles make me happy. It shows me how much hard work I put in pronating and wearing my shoes down unevenly. 

Suspect number 2 is that I've been breaking in a new type of shoes. I wanted to try a different brand, so I am currently breaking in my Asics. Maybe it is the Asics, since the treads on Brooks have been worn down since about mile 250. And I just started breaking in the Asics. 

Suspect number 3 could be increased mileage (although I had a good base from training for the half), or maybe I gained weight. It's hard to tell since I haven't weighed myself in forever. Whatever the reason, I'm taking a rest day tomorrow and coming up with a plan to narrow down the suspects. 

2. My new waterbottle
I have a really hard time drinking water. I just forget my thirst really quickly. With all this running, I know that I have to make hydrating a priority. So I preemptively rewarded myself with a new giant waterbottle. I will bring it to class and hydrate throughout the day. 
It's has obnoxious logo everywhere, but I love it. 
3. The way that light hits the clock tower near sundown. 
I was sadly in the basement working on projects, but then I came outside and saw this gorgeous view. It made me all excited about life and stuff. 
So pretty. I didn't even have to instagram it. 
4. My bf signed up for a marathon with me even even though the longest he's ever run before was 6 miles. 
After months of nagging/begging, he finally agreed to give up his weekend mornings, therefore some of his weekend nights of partying, for a marathon. 
This sadly did not involve any alcohol. We were all sober and he wore my jacket . . . while not being drunk. 
5. Human bonding class
So far, we've watched countless videos of babies interacting with their mothers. It's just one long warm and fuzzy session. 

6. Brownies that I earned from a friend
My friend bet me that if I can teach him to skate without the wall, he'd bake me brownies. I really wanted those brownies. So with threats of skate up his a** if he grabbed the wall, I turned him from this:

He's literally crawling to the wall here. To a person who can skate across the rink without the wall. I know, I'm pretty amazing. Maybe that's my calling. Threatening people so that they learn how to ice skate.

Now, tell me about your happy things. And while you're at it, if you can shed some insights or your suspicions about my knees, that would be great! Happy Friday! 


  1. Happy Friday Rena!

    My happy things, that it is Friday haha. I'm also happy that you are running in the relay with us! That definitely took a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

    I would say that most likely it is a combination of everything you said. Definitely the worn down shoes though!

  2. Happy friday! it's almost the weekend now :-) I am no expert in injuries, but from personal experience, I know that my calves always start hurting when my running shoes get worn out. I am alternating between brooks and asics too. Which ones are you wearing?

    1. I'm wearing Brooks Ghost 4 and Asics Gel Cumulus 13. I wear neutral shoes.

  3. Good post!! I LOVE the tacky water bottle!!

    where exactly is your knee hurting? pinpointing where the pain is coming from could definately narrow down the culprits.

    1. I'm not exactly sure where. I don't think it has a specific place, or it's not hurting enough for me to exactly pinpoint it. Once I determine where, I will let you know!

    2. I think it's good at least for now. I'm hoping it stays that way!

  4. Double runs are the best! :)

    You need new shoes! Also, maybe foam roll your IT bands (there are google videos showing you how) because knee pain can be caused by tight IT bands.