Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Revelation

I had an awesome weekend full of plans. There were some partying, a lot of group working, researching, ice skating, and running.

Out of everything I did, the most exciting thing that happend was that I came out of the closet about loving running. 

I always thought that I disliked running. I mean yeah, I have a running blog and I run races, but I never thought that I enjoyed the actual act of training. I mainly ran because I can't swim, and I dislike biking with a passion.

I admit, I do love racing and crossing the finish line, but then again, who doesn't love crossing the finish line?

But this Saturday, as I painstakingly got up at 7AM to do my long run of 8 miles, which in college speak is equivalent to 4AM normal people time, I realized that I was actually enjoying the run. The roads were empty, except a few walk of shamers, and it felt good to just put one foot in front of the other. Gasp! I actually enjoyed getting out on the road and running lots of miles (relatively speaking, I consider 8 miles lots of miles).

 This must be what the Grinch felt after his big revelation,"Christmas perhaps means a little bit more."
I even ran into this Irish wolfhound. The picture's super blurry because she kept on moving. 
Somehow I have turned into one of those runners who doesn't feel right without running. I mean knowing me, I will still always dread waking up early in the morning, but I finally understand what it means to be a runner for life.
I even tried out sparkly running pants at the encouragement of a friend. 
So, how about you guys? When did you realize that you were a runner for life? 


  1. Nice revelation! I think that it hit me pretty soon after we started running, for us it is going to be a bit different since we are going to swim, bike and run but still basically the same.

    We're in this for life!

  2. I can't say that I am ready to come out of the closet or that I am 100% convinced that I am in this for life. Sure I kind of like it. And I am trying to train rather consistently. And I have ditched friends for an early race morning.
    But I reserve my right of liking any other activity if I may. Like lifting :-) or I am just in denial...

  3. i think i fell in love with running in 2009 when i did my first 10k run (well my second, my first was in 1996!). crossing that finish line had me hooked and i'm in this for life! running means so much more to me than "just" running, it's made me happier, more confident and for once in my life, i really like myself!

    1. I agree. Running has made me more at peace with my body than anything else.

  4. Congrats!!! That's a pretty awesome feeling :)

  5. Hey! I'm a new follower and a newbie blogger! I found your blog off of a friends...

    I think I was always a runner for life, but never really understood exactly what that meant until late...running for teams, running for times, running for exercise, running for weight lose...all of those things explain running, but not why we run!

    running now is for time, my reflection, my release, my one to tell me how, why, where or how long!

    for the rest of my life I will always run...but i do still dread having to gt up early sometimes:)

    Looking forward to reading more about you!!

    1. Awesome! Can't wait to get to know you better. And your profile pic is amazing!

    2. hey, thanks for the follow...and the compliment!!

      I am trying swimming this weekend...not exactly pool running...but we'll see!

      nice intervals btw:)

    3. Have fun with swimming! I can't swim at all, so I'm always in awe of people who can.

  6. Haha, I love that you run because the same reason I run: I don't want to bike and I really suck at swimming. ;)

    Of course, now I can't NOT run. It's an addiction!