Monday, January 2, 2012

Exciting Morning

For my dog, that is. He had a little morning visitor.
Look how cute it is. I was tempted to try and domesticate it. 
Thanks to this little guy, my dog went into a barking frenzy that started at 5AM and lasted for a good part of morning. So an easy shake out run did not happen. 

Dante, my dog, actually barked right on top of the opossum with his spit dripping on the little guy. But he didn't attempt to bite it or any other thing that normal German Shepherds might do. He just got super excited and wanted to play. 
Please play with me? 
As a result, instead of going for a run, I took Dante out on a long walk in an attempt to let the opossum get over his fear and escape. 

Fun Fact: LA county animal control does not remove wild animals. I've always thought that was what animal control was for. I guess now I know. 

But tomorrow, I will definitely get in some more of the "junk miles." Although, I do think that they are helping me love running. And I will have company. 

Remember when I said that I've been learning tennis from my parents' friend. And how the lesson went on for over two hours? If not, here you go.  Well, tomorrow he wanted to run at least four miles with me. Revenge time! J.K. I will hopefully start him on a road to a marathon. He has the desire, but has a hard time running more than two miles due to boredom. So I'm supposed to force him to run four. 
I love running with people along the beach. It feels very relaxed. And there are no hills. 
Hopefully, I can run faster than he can. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing. Since he's considerably older (my parents' age) and hasn't ran in a long time. That's what sucks about being known as a person who runs a lot. Everyone expects me to be fast. 

Hope everyone's New Year is starting off nicely with a good run. And I forgot to mention this last time, but I plan on running 1000+ miles this year. Who's with me? 


  1. I'm doing Tall Mom's 1,000+++ Club, so I'm with you!

    Dante is adorable, I love him! Bernie randomly barks at things that aren't there (he has some weird quirks) and sometimes it takes a little while to get him to stop.

    I'm glad you found a running buddy for tomorrow, I'm sure it will go great!

  2. Dante is so cute! My dog would have hid from the possum, she's not a very good hound dog. :)

  3. 1000 miles+ this year? count me in :)

    PS your dog is so cute!