Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running without music

I am one of those people who run without music. Most people are surprised that I don't get bored. I'm sure I would love running with music, except I find dealing with headphones annoying on a run. I also never create play lists. I somehow find time to spend hours on random sites like pinterest, but not enough time to create a running play list.

Besides I sort of like the respect I get from my non-running friends. Does that make me a bad person? Just a tiny bit, I guess. Additionally, I don't want to get dependent on running with music. In my mind, running with music is probably so much more interesting that once I start, I am afraid that I won't be able to stop. Since I am already so dependent on my garmin and take running breaks to answer unimportant texts on my phone, I'd rather not become dependent on another piece of technology.

So instead of listening to tunes, I just imagine that I'm a super cool secret agent running away from bad guys. I think I must actually get really into it and make faces, because I get weird looks when the story gets really exciting in my head.
Look at those intense faces. 
But nothing spurs me to run faster than an imaginary pack of foreign thugs bent on catching me. I play out a whole movie scenario in my head, where I'm usually doing very cool stuff.
Like this. Scaling a super tall glass building. Totally up my alley. 
Is that weird? I totally understand if none of you want to be my friend anymore. But it's like crack. I've always had an overactive imagination, which up till now has been used for scaring myself in the bathroom thinking about ghost stories. Why is closing my eyes in the shower or looking up from washing my hands into a mirror so scary?
This is definitely the sort of kick ass thing I want to do. In my imagination. I actually have no desire to be shot at in real life. 
What cool things do you do when you're running? Do you listen to music? Is listening to music as addicting as I fear? Am I just crazy for wanting to be a cool, smooth secret agent? 

P.S. - Thanks for all your advice. They are very helpful. I'm probably going to run a mile or two at my race pace tomorrow. And then go for a short relaxed run on Thursday as my last run before the half. 


  1. Don't listen to music while you run! I remember when I was little I ate cheerios. Then one day I had honey nut cheerios. After I tasted it I was never able to go back to just cheerios.

  2. No music here! I just sing in my head and talk to myself.

    Good luck with your last training runs! You are going to KILL that half marathon!

    Oh and I still want to be you friend :)

  3. I listen to music about 50% of time. It's a fun treat, but I don't want to feel lost without it.

    When I run, my mind wanders all over the place, but I've never pretended I was Jet Li. Maybe that's the key to qualifying for Boston. :)

  4. I listen to music when I really need a boost. Otherwise I like my happy running space out. Run on secret agent!!! :)

  5. I listen to music on the treadmill but not when I run outside. I am too paranoid about getting snatched. The time seems to pass faster with music on my Millie, but it seems to pass just fine without it outside. I might try the super awesome bad-a$$ imagination scearios next time though =)

  6. Itunes is not working on my computer right now and I am so bored with what's on my shuffle that I have been running without music too. :)

    I ran for a year without music, then decided I would give it a try. I like your imagination!

  7. i do music...but occasionally when i don't (ipod not charged or something), i dn't mind not having it...all the stuff going on in my pea brain keeps me entertained!

  8. I listen to music. I know it's a bad habit and I want to break it (especially since you really can't in a tri) but it really just makes my runs so much more enjoyable