Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You know you're a runner . . .

When you talk to your bf about how he should commit and stop being afraid of commitment, you're actually talking about signing up for a race.

Yup. I am actually in the process of convincing him to run a marathon with me.
I convinced him to do this awesome but girly thing with me. And posted embarrassing pics on fb. So convincing him to become a runner, no problem.  Right?
~~~~ Aside: If you are ever in Santa Barbara California, rent the above bike. It's so much fun. And so much easier than a tandem. We couldn't make it out the parking lot in a tandem, so we had to go back and switch to this side by side double bike ~~~~~~

But after I snuck in a GPS watch to his annual Christmas wish list that gets sent out to his family, he received a pair of vibrams and a Garmin 305. So now, he has no choice but to run. And what better way to say thank you to the gift givers than a marathon registration!

Unfortunately, he's never been a runner and he can't really start running until mid January. The race that I'm looking at is at the end of April. I think/hope that he'll be ready to at least walk/crawl 26.2 miles by then.

I am now in the process of convincing him to commit and fork over those dollars. What can I say, misery loves company. And training for a marathon in frigid upstate NY weather would be a lot better with company.

Yup, I'm a great gf. Oh and cute finish line photos would be awesome. That is, if he can make it to the end and doesn't have to resort to riding in the sad wagon to the finish line, because he couldn't meet the time cut off.

Actually I'm very worried that once he starts to run, he'll get so much faster and leave me behind in the dust. Does that make me too self obsessed? Probably. But I like knowing I can run farther and faster than he can. At least for now.
Face of a man who will hopefully be a marathon finisher. 
So wish me luck! I will hopefully tell you about my first ever marathon registration soon! Do you ever try to convince others to join in his running madness? How do you do it? 


  1. I've tried to get my roommate to just go RUN with me and she doesn't. It's hard living with someone who doesn't work out and looks terrific and eats whatever they want!

    Good luck with convincing him. I have a feeling he'll do it!

  2. Haha that was sneaky of you, adding the Garmin!

    Which marathon are you thinking about registering for? Hopefully your boyfriend does it with you, but make sure he is ready for it!

  3. Well done! Wish I could get my hubby to run with me but he's too stubborn!

  4. I'd love to run with my husband! I would be afraid that he'd kick my butt though. He's much tougher than me. :)

  5. Haha! This post is great! I ALWAYS give my husband the "commit to a healthy lifestyle" speech!!!

    Love your blog!!!