Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been getting swept up in the excitement of the Olympic marathon trials that's happening this Saturday. I can't even imagine running one miles at a 5:XX pace. I wonder if it feels like flying to be that fast. I hope one day I can spectate the race and see all the elites in person. 

Today, I found these awesome videos on youtube about the athletes that the Hansen brothers are training for the trials. 

In the video, their warm up of 3 miles is in 22 minutes. Holy mackerel! That would be my next goal race pace for a 5K. 

From obsessively watching these videos, I realized that one big thing that separated me from these elite athletes was the dedication they have to their training. Well other than the fact that they've been running a lot longer, have better mechanics, have longer legs etc. 

I've decided that I want to be just like them. I read somewhere in Born to Run by Christopher McDougall that you peak in running when you're around 29. So, if I keep up with hill intervals, speed intervals, tempos, and other running workouts, maybe I can reach the sub elite level with dedication. 
What I hope to reach someday.
I am going to dream big in hopes that I'll land among the stars, like a BQ. So even though I can't even run a sub 2 hour half yet, I'm going to dream big and train hard in hopes that maybe one day I'll be fast enough to be considered sub elite for NYC marathon. Or at the very least, run a solid BQ.  

Come on everyone, dream with me! What's your big running goal in your life? If it's a super reach (like my sub elite dream), that's even better. 


  1. I would love a sub 4 hour marathon or a sub 1:50 half. Oh dreams!

  2. Oh crap, I'm going to peak next year? :)

  3. Well my BIG goal is to complete an Ironman! I would love to run a sub-20 minute 5K and to run a sub-4 hour marathon!

  4. Sub 4 marathon. I'm going to have it in 2012! I will, I will!

  5. Such a cool video!!!!!

    Born to run is the bomb! Good luck with your training! You sound like you're ready to rock!!!!!! :)

  6. oh no! I'm 13 years past my prime...does it help if i feel like i'm 29 in my mind though? :)

    you can totally achieve a sub elite status! a lot of it is mental so if you want it, you can achieve anything. my dream goal...sub 4 hr marathon and a 1:45 half, and then one day the mother of all dream goals...a BQ.