Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leaving California

I left sunny California Tuesday night. And ended up in Rochester, NY. It was crazy to have such a drastic climate change.

I left this:
Playing at the dog park with Dante
And came back to a very cold icy terrain. I would insert a cold picture here, but I haven't even been able to muster up the energy to leave the warm indoors.

Back in California, I had all these grand running plans, but now that I'm actually back it's hard to get out in the cold and start the run. 

I totally would have slacked yesterday and not gone on a run, except I made plans with this girl
Jaime and me. Her husband and my bf was there too, but one was taking the picture and the other was shining the head lamp on our face so that there was enough light for a quick cell phone picture. 
It was so much fun. I am usually not a big group runner, but talking made the cold more bearable and the time go by faster. Before I knew it, we had gone for 3.25 miles at a comfortable 9:52/mile pace. They were even nice enough to go slow and for shorter in order to accommodate my bf who had recently been sick. 

We were unsurprisingly the only crazies out in the dark canal at 6:30PM. And the only ones in running clothes at a nice crepe place that we visited afterwards. I thought I should take a picture for the blog, but the nutella crepe was so good and getting to know Jamie and Mike so fun that the crepes were gone before I could take a photo. 

Unfortunately, I haven't been out running today. It's harder to go when I only have to answer to myself. But hopefully, I'll get some good spinning and a boot camp class in. 

I'm definitely going to convince Jaime and Mike to move to Ithaca for the winter. So that I'm forced to run outside. 

What do you guys do in the cold? Do you run outside? What's your winter must have? Or how do you motivate yourself? Here's to a safe winter running! And to everyone who reads my blog, let's meet up sometime! 


  1. It was great meeting you guys and I'm glad we motivated you to get out in the cold!

    I thought about taking a photo of our desserts too but I was too hungry!

  2. Get ready for some snow tonight! I hear us northern states are getting 4-6. :)

    And crepes are soooooo good! There's a place near me that has food crepes and dessert crepes. It's pretty much heaven!!!!!!

  3. I will run outside in the cold but I tend to avoid the ice because I don't want to injure myself. I'll stick to the treadmill if it's icy.

  4. I say that I'd run in the cold, but I live in MD and it never gets THAT cold here. :)

  5. I get motivated by new gear or a friend to run with!

    You might like to read through my comments on training plans tonight. I am still working on a post about it, but thought I would pick some brains. :)

  6. Got to run outside, even when it's cold. YakTraxs are essential for icy/snowy conditions - bet you don't need those in CA! Going to be out in SoCal the week of April 20th visiting with family before heading up to Big Sur! Let's go for a run!
    I tagged you for 11 random facts and 11 questions. check my 1/26 post for the details!!