Saturday, January 7, 2012

More New Years Goals

I know that everyone's been beating this horse to death already. But I've thought of some really important resolutions that I felt bad not having on my blog at all. After all, I would want accountability this year for my goals so that I can actually achieve some of them. Shoot for the moon, right?

So here's a very late, but important resolutions.

1. Break 2 hours in the half marathon. 
In my last post, my marathon plans sort of drove all other racing goals from my mind. But marathon training won't take the whole year, so I still will have a good 6 months to work on speed. This goal probably won't happen in my nearest half marathon, which is in a week. But it WILL happen.

2. Learn to do this. 
Source I would love to be able to do this. 
Originally it was this:
But clearly, this isn't happening. Maybe in 2013. 
This means, I need to make stretching a regular part of training. It'll also help my running and recovery, or so I hear.

3. Hold a plank for more than a minute. 
I would like to get abs some day. And at my current core fitness level, it's not going to happen. I have a hard time holding it for 30 seconds which is pitiful. 

4. Break under 6 minutes for a mile time. 
I would really love it if this happens. It will also probably lead me to getting a PR for a 5K, which is always great. 

5. Run more than 1000 miles this year. 
My A goal is to run 1500, because 15 is my lucky number. But I will say at least 1000 miles since I have no idea how busy I will be once I graduate. 

Have a great weekend everyone? Does anyone have any last minute resolutions that you want to be held accountable for? I do a great guilt trip. 


  1. Great goals Rena! Both of those pictures are crazy, I don't think I could ever do either. Have a great weekend!

  2. My sub 2 happened because of my marathon training. You can totally do this!

  3. you can totally do the sub 2 hour!!!!!! and holy flexibility, batman...

  4. Great goals! Keep working on the planks! They are tough but keep working on it and I bet you will get it!

  5. Wow, you have some ambitious goals! I think a sub 2 half is totally doable for you!

  6. Those look like some fantastic goals! Have a wonderful 2012.

  7. Found your blog through your comment on Ali's. Good luck with your goals! A sub 6 min mile? In my dreams :)